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What Your Favorite Ice Cream Flavor Says About You

October 20, 2013 1:06 pm Published by Leave your thoughts
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Vanilla, chocolate or strawberry – everyone has a favourite flavour. So what’s yours and what your favorite Ice Cream flavor says about you? A new study claims that the secret to your personality can be revealed by what flavor of ice cream you prefer.

Study from Baskin-Robbins shows that ice cream flavor may be the key into a person’s character. A study led by Alan Hirsc, M.D., neurologist, psychiatrist and founder of the Smell and Taste Institute in Chicago, Ill., pinpointed the personality traits likely to impact a romantic relationship associated with a love of strawberry, vanilla, rocky road and a few other flavors. yummy icecreams

Here are some Ice cream flavors that show Personality…

Vanilla Ice Cream Lovers

If your favorite flavor is Vanilla then, you’re more likely to be impulsive, easily suggestible and an idealist. Affectionate and faithful, and in search of true love. Lovers of vanilla ice cream have their feet firmly on the ground, where it’s safest. There is nothing plain about Vanilla. In fact, if you love Vanilla, you are actually a colorful, dramatic risk taker who relies more on intuition than logic. You tend to set high goals for yourself, and push yourself to meet and exceed them.vanilla ice cream

Mint Choco Chips Ice Cream Lovers

People Who love this mint Choco chip flavors are somewhat argumentative, frugal and cautious. Fans of mint and mint choc chip are cut from the same cloth. Both like to keep things clean and fresh. A mint lover is unlikely to want to cuddle.green mint choco chip ice cream

Strawberry Ice cream lovers

It is the flavor that most of us like. No wonder then that those who love strawberry flavored ice cream are highly sexed creatures indeed.  Fans of the berry flavor were also logical and thoughtful.Those who love strawberry also quietly strategize rather than shoot from the hip. Strawberry Ice cream lovers are shy, yet emotionally robust, skeptical, detail-oriented, opinionated, introverted and self critical. Easily made to feel guilty, cranky, pessimistic, low self-esteem.strawberry ice cream flavour

Chocolate flavor Lovers

If your favorite flavor is Chocolate, you’re more likely to be dramatic, lively, charming, flirtatious, seductive and gullible. Chocolate fans enjoy being at the center of attention and can become bored with the usual routine. You prefer passion and excitement in your romantic relationships, and require a lot of attention from your mate.choclate ice cream flavours

Stracciatella (half vanilla/half chocolate) Flavor

Those with a liking for stracciatella ice cream are very passionate, enjoy sex and are rarely satisfied with a single lover or a single position. The only way to make a stracciatella lover faithful is to give them space and freedom.stracciatella ice cream

Coffee flavor

Coffee ice cream-lovers approach life with gusto, enjoying every minute. They aren’t concerned about the future and thrive on the passion of the moment. Coffee ice cream lovers tend to be over-committed, starting new projects without finishing old ones.coffee icecream flavour

Rocky Road lovers

They’re aggressive and goal directed and good listener. If you opt for the rich, indulgent taste of Rocky Road, you tend to be a balanced mixture of charm and practicality. A warning to those who are involved with rocky roads: Despite their success, the study says they are very sensitive to even minor slights and respond best to encouragement rather than criticism.rocky road icecream

Butter Pecan

Fans of this nutty flavor are devoted, conscientious, and respectful, according to Hirsch’s study.  Not wanting to be wasteful with time or resources, fans of this flavor were found to hold high standards for right and wrong and show integrity in all their work and in their social relationships. Butter Pecan ice Cream lovers aren’t one to wear the heart on your sleeve; it takes a little encouragement from close friends and family to share the deepest thoughts.butter pecan icecream flavour

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