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Give smart look to the folders

July 21, 2013 8:21 am Published by Leave your thoughts
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=”color: #ff9900;”>Are you fed up of seeing the same yellow color of the folders of your computer??

 style=”color: #33cccc;”>Would you like to see them in different colors and icons according to their features??
Now, You can easily do this..  For this you don’t need to change the settings of your computer.  Many softwares are available on the internet. Among the list of free softwares “icomancer” is one of the free software from where you can change the looks of the folder.

designer folders

style=”color: #33cccc;”>About “icomancer”

style=”color: #ff9900;”>For this visit this link : http://www.lavasoftworks.com/icomancer/index.html

This software is available free of cost. You can use this software in windows based ( xp, vista, win7) . Its user friendly desktop application where you can find different packages to modify the folders according to your needs.
Firstly, you have to choose the folder whose features or color you want to change. After that you can change its color or add different set patterns or style. You can add any picture of your also.
This utility is mainly helpful for those people who have different category of folders. So that its easy to identify them.
style=”color: #ff9900;”>…!!!
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