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Healthy Lifestyle Masala Tips:

July 10, 2013 4:01 pm Published by 5 Comments
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Do you simply want to live until u die?? Is this ur desire??
Everyone is aware of the fact that its much easier to maintain our health than trying to regain it after damage has been done. People desires to remain healthy, but most of the times, they are unaware about what should be done to achieve this objective. They forget that without having food pyramid, healthy living is tough to achieve.
for achieving :
  •  +ive Mental Attitude:
First and foremost thing, one should keep a positive thinking towards people and things around them. Remember “If something is not happening right for you this time, doesn’t mean that will never happen. ”

The craze of exercise came into fashion in 1970’s when a term “Aerobics” was coined by Dr. Cooper.


Health benefits of exercise being:-
  • Proper blood circulation
  • Increase Strength and Co-ordination
  • Strong immune system
  • Lowers Blood Pressure
  • Controls Cholesterol
  • Relieves from Stress


  • Adequate sleep:
Working or grouping around late night has become a fashion symbol these dayzz. A friend says that “Yaar we youths have much more energy and capability to do work than our ancestors. So if even take less sleep, then too it will work. Hardly matters.”
My Dear Friend, was right though, but unaware of the fact that generation after generation, we people starts getting really old and dependent at our early 60’s. THAT MAKES THE DIFFERENCE.
We got to take 7-8 hrs of adequate sleep daily so as to give proper rest to our body & soul.health-tips
  • Healthy Diet:
In continuation with the points above, a healthy food or diet is equally important which helps in:
A healthy diet is always a ‘.’
At Last, an Important Note: Lets face the fact that today’s fruits and vegetables in market are rarely found in their purest form. So, proper fooding or healthy diet seems to be incomplete Unless YOU ADD COLORS to  your Diet, i.e, Supplementation (Food Supplements).
To be Continued…
Contributed by :-Shivam Agarwal

Nutritional Health Consultant


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