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Heart disease risk factor and its In-depth relationship with Cholesterol

July 27, 2013 2:26 pm Published by 5 Comments
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Majority of us, being aware of the fact that higher the Cholesterol levels, higher is the Heart disease or cardiovascular disease (CVD)

Now, when it comes to its measurement, you rush for  to know your Cholesterol levels. 
A defined value of Cholesterol in your body is being reported to you within a short span of time.

But friends, 
Could you really make out the Root cause of one’s Heart disease risk factor by just knowing those ‘Cholesterol levels’ alone…??

I came across this fact when one day, my colleague once asked me to have a look on the blood test reports of his father (A heart Patient; suffering from high blood pressure, obesity & so do high Cholesterol levels). And to my surprise, it only mentioned the elevated value of Cholesterol..!!

Moreover, the actual reason for his finally diagnosed Heart disease risk factor was that he was having complications with the Protein that helps in strengthening heart muscles.

Healthy Heart

Guys, that report was not updated with any other useful blood factors (other than Cholesterol levels) that could let them know about the actual reason behind his heart disease developed.

# There We Go #
To your knowledge, there are some other important Blood TESTING required to present the actual picture of a person’s Risk Factors and heart health.

Always DO Evaluate these Tests too:-

  •  High Density Lipoprotein (HDL) ~ A Good Cholesterol (with a solid reason behind it), which should remain more than 40-50 mg/dl.
  •  Low Density Lipoprotein (LDL) ~ Known to be a Bad Cholesterol, which should be less than 50 mg/dl.
  •  Triglycerides (TG) ~ Present in chemical forms in which most fat exists in the body, which should not exceed 150-180 mg/dl of score. 

TG when combines with Cholesterol, results in .


  • Including Salmon Omega-3 (a fish oil extract) in your diet will reduce 50% of TG !!
  • 1% increase in Omega 6, decreases Cholesterol by 1.4 mg/dl

High Sensitivity C-Reactive  (hs-CRP) ~ A way to identify and reduce the Heart disease risk before having chest pain, congestive heart failure or a stroke. So, its always suggestible to have hsCRP and cholesterol tests Altogether.


Many of us with high hsCRP levels, unknowingly, take cholesterol medications to reduce the risk of Heart disease, even if they do not have high cholesterol levels !!!

Summing up with an Important Note -:

Apart from consuming some good quality Vegetable oils, including high fiber diet, having Almonds & Walnuts, etc…; 
One must understand and keep in mind some of the valuable points I always emphasize on- 
Proper Supplementation (such as Omega 3, Fiber, Calcium and Protein) is an urgent need in today’s world for such diseases that builds up with Jet speed. 
With that, it would be comparatively easy, at least, to keep up a balance between its growth in body and a healthy living.

Choti si Zindagi hai yaaron.  ke.. :)

Dil Se ♥♥ Stay Healthy..!!! 


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