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Ideas to Recycle Old Clothes into a New Fashion Trend

September 30, 2013 5:14 pm Published by Leave your thoughts
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Are you tired of wearing the same outfits again and again..?? “OUT OF FASHION” is the phrase that fits perfect for most of the stuff of the wardrobe. After every 2-3 months clothes become out of fashion. In this case, buying new clothes and spending lots of money on new fashion is not a smart decision.
Recycling the clothes is one of the way to become trendy and save your money. These Ideas to recycle old clothes into a new fashion trend will rejuvenate your imagination skills too…!! Lolzz..!
scarf from old top..This can be done in various ways, such as adding an embellishment or alter the clothing into something different or to have a neater, more fashionable fit. There is a lot you can do with those piles of old clothes and moth-eaten (and too sentimental to throw away) clothes. 
recycled clothes in new fashion trend

So just try these Ideas to recycle old clothes into a new fashion trend.

Cut the Dress & Pump the Style

Cut your long top to make it short, your long skirts to knee-length. Then stitch them from below. Combine fabrics for a patchwork garment. Make a miniskirt.recycled old clothes into new fashion Cut off the top of a long T-shirt. Cut horizontally just below the sleeves. Turn the raw edge over twice to form a waistband. Insert elastic or use a ribbon as a drawstring. Turn your sweatshirt into a cardigan, or cut pants into shorts if they still fit at the waist.Fashion Mode Styling Outfit DIY

Transform your Jeans

Known as the ‘booty bag’, it already comes with lots of pockets to hold just about everything. This is a great way to recycle old pants or shorts into something new and chic. Try turning jeans into a cute denim skirt. 

jeans turned into skirt...

Saree Fabric

If you are bored of your old sarees, then you can use its fabric in many ways. You can recycle your saree according to the latest fashion trend. You can use your saree fabric in making scarf, dupatta, Kurtis, lehnga, skirt and even palazzo pants.recycled outfits as handbags You can even make ethnic jackets through it. If you have a faded old saree, you can cut the faded part and make skirt from it. The part that has not faded can be used to make another skirt or can be used with other fabric to make a matching blouse for the saree skirt.


 Remove the Sleeves

This is the best Idea to recycle old clothes into a new fashion trend. Removing the sleeves of your Kurtis and top will give a new look to your outfits.You can also apply it on suits and blouses. If you want to make it more trendy, then Stitch other embroidery items or flowers on it.stylish way to your old clothes

Apply Glue to Decorate Accessories

If you don’t know stitching, no need to worry, you can stick designer buttons and other accessories with glue. To decorate your purse or belt or boots, Glue will do perfect work to decorate your accessories.simple-sewing-tutorials-apron

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