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Importance & Judgement Technique for a good protein sources…

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, a term suggested by MULDER in 1938, is a  that plays a key role in formation of body structure and proper functioning.

Its an ORGANIC NUTRIENT, composing of Carbon, Hydrogen, Oxygen & Nitrogen (16%).

# In our body- 20%
# Through Food sources- 4%

Put in some of your Time here and KNOW :-
KERATIN is a type of protein that forms  (i.e., Hairs and Nails)…!??

Our Cells and Immune System rely on protein for re-building and maintenance.

fruits n veggies

An Important JUDGEMENT Moment :-

Proteins are basically made up of 22 Amino Acids (Building Blocks). Out of these, there are 9 essential that our body is not capable to manufacture of its own. So we need to take it through some rich and good protein sources.

Now the important question in front of us is that Are our protein sources sufficient and capable of providing what we actually need? ?
Well, you could find the answer Yourself.  Jott down the 2 key points to check your protein foods:

# Check that your protein sources contains all 9 Essential Amino acids.

# Ensure that your protein sources marks PDCASS Ratio = 1protein sources


PDCASS Stands for PROTEIN DIGESTIBILITY CORRECTED AMINO ACID SCORE,the standard fixed by , which helps in judging the richness in any protein sources.

Well Known good protein sources or foods high in protein with Servings:-

# Corns, Legumes and Grains (Wheat) are great sources.

# provides 3.6 gms of protein, followed by 1 serving of Meat providing 20 gms, & 1 serve of Veggie gives 2 gms of protein.

# gives 3 gms, 2 Rotis gives 6 gms of protein.

As a matter of concern, I would like to end up with an IMPORTANT NOTE-
Understand… Our Environment and So Our Food, is .
We people do consume those valuable foods, fruits and veggies, but due to drastically increasing in our environment these days, the highly processed food is received with reduced nutrient, & that creates the imbalance in our body.

..!!! Its time to add NUTRITIONAL supplements in your diet foods to give a Perfect Balance to your protein diet.”


Contributed by :-
 Shivam Agarwal
 Nutritional Health Consultant
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