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latest cool handbags for girls…..

August 1, 2013 1:57 pm Published by 2 Comments
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Hey Girls..!!!
Today I’ll discuss about one of my favorite…. Oops..!! Not only mine.. they are best friend of majority of girls…
Yes, you guessed it right…!!! Its
Handbags are  one of the essential accessory to a lady’s wardrobe, that can make or break an outfit. They go everywhere with a her, carrying her important stuffs.
I just love to carry different types of handbags for different occasions such as hangouts with friends, parties, in office….Choosing suitable handbag according to the occasions, give unique look to your outfit. While there are loads of handbag styles to choose from, having these particular styles in your wardrobe will make you feel comfortable & trendy everywhere.
This article is not only for women… its for men also.. handbags are one of the best gift men can give to the women of their life.
Trendy, stylish handbags are now available in the market to suit our outfit. These are some bag types you can carry…
Types of Handbags


Large, double handled bag with an open top and open main compartment.This is the perfect shopping or beach bag. Tote bags are generally made of sturdy cloth, perhaps with thick leather at handles or bottom.

party toto bag
daily toto bags


A small but long evening bag without a handle. A woman’s purse that is strapless and carried in the hand. They come as little square boxes, in triangles or heart shapes, covered with satin, beads or brocade. They are fastened with tassels, loops, and other fanciful decorations.

designer trendy clutch party clutches


Large cylindrical bag made of cloth (or other fabric) with a drawstring closure at the top. Used for sports or as travel bags.

lovely duffle bags duffle travelling or sports bag

Hobo Bags 

A slouchy posture and a long strap designed to wear over the shoulder. A hobo bag is casual bag that helps you look stylish without really trying.

hobo handbags hobo handbags

A soft-sided case usually of leather. It is generally a office bag. It can be large or small. Its pockets and compartments are better organized.

satchel bags

Backpacks are often preferred to handbags for carrying heavy loads or carrying any sort of equipment.

canvas backpack stylish n trendy backpack bags


Keep yourself Updated and Enjoy with latest trends…!!!

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