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Low Blood Pressure Causes, Symptoms & Control – Ezyshine

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Do you prefer taking medications to treat low blood pressure? Here is an excellent article spotted by Ezyshine that summarises the causes and control of low blood pressure through an easy text.

In today’s way of living and lifestyle, low blood pressure (or, Hypotension) is a common health issue faced by us. But do you know the interesting fact about this? Your Doctor does not consider it as a problem!

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Friends, you see that whenever you take tension or do excessive physical work with an empty stomach, then it is quite acceptable that your blood pressure lowers down. If this happens with you regularly or very often, then you need to change your lifestyle and way of living rather than choosing harmful medications. Ladies have to take special care about this as low blood pressure complaint is more common in them!

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Generally, the blood pressure is considered as normal when it ranges between 120/80 mm Hg. Whenever we talk or complain about BP problem, it’s mostly the high blood pressure (the Silent Killer) that we hear. But it’s a bitter fact that the problem of low blood pressure is an equally common problem as the high blood pressure!

In the case of low blood pressure, we experience slow blood flow in the body which results in dizziness, weakness, fainting and dehydration. Although a cup of tea or coffee works quite well in giving the instant relief in case of low blood pressure but this could be harmful to the body and injurious to your mind if stays for a long time!

Lets us know in detail the Goods and Bad, the Ups and Down, & the Causes and Control of low blood pressure! The high-quality research below will surely turn out to be a Jackpot for longer life!

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Causes of Low Blood Pressure

1. Heart-related Diseases – It has been noticed that heart muscles of many people are weaker than the normal ratio. Hence, the workability of heart muscles slows down & the heart is forced to slowly pump the blood. This could easily make you the victim of low blood pressure.

Sadly, the chances of severe heart diseases and even heart attack increases in this case. Moreover, if heart beat goes up and down, then also we notice the low BP problem in common.

2. Dehydration – Whenever we talk about healthy eating and healthy living, Water is always Godfather that we can never neglect. Dehydration is a doctored name for Loss of water in our body! A long duration of dehydration may result in vomiting or Diahorrea. One should especially avoid going out in hot sunny weather as it could cause low blood pressure problem.

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3. Loss of Essential Nutrients – Loss of essential nutrients can give birth to severe health problems like obesity, BP, hypertension, tummy upset and much more! No matter whatsoever the essential nutrient be; the body face challenges and hence, the blood flow gets affected. If vitamin B-12 goes short, then the number of red blood cells (RBC) goes short & hence results in low blood pressure problem!

4. Severe Infection – Infection from bacteria is a major issue in terms of health challenge. Any kind of septic or infection can also result in low blood pressure. It generally happens when some bacteria moves from its main place & mix into blood giving birth to the hazardous substance.

5. Blood Clotting – In the case of accident or some operation, the blood clotting has to take place. That becomes the logical reason for low blood pressure due to the flow of blood out of the body! You need to be prepared for it.

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Add Essence to Health & Keep Control on your BP

1. Consume Green Vegetables – The green vegetables like broccoli, palak, Lehsun, Tomato, dhaniya, chukandar, and cauliflower, etc are the backbone of your healthy living. Consume them as much as you can feel the difference in health issues that you might have been facing earlier! Not only the low BP or high BP but most of the problems vanishes off when green leafy vegetables are chopped daily in your plates.

2. Juice of Beetroot (Chukandar) – The beetroot is considered to be good in improving cardiovascular health & tissue regeneration in the body. You can drink a cup of beetroot juice at least once a day! This will take you an extra mile in the fight against the low blood pressure!

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3. Raisins (Kishmish) & Almonds (Badam) – Almonds are known as the lifeline for the brain. It helps in improving the memory power as it is highly filled with iron, magnesium, phosphorus & calcium. This Phytosterols rich food works well in the intestine to lower down the cholesterol absorption. You need to keep 10-12 Almonds in water at night. Then peel the skin off in the morning and make a paste of all the almonds. Boil it along with milk and then drink it according to your hot or cold taste! I am sure that this will give you relief from the complaint of low blood pressure.

Additionally, you can put 20-30 raisins in water at night and have it in the morning to keep your tummy happy!

4. Water Intake – Water is an essential source in our body and you cannot allow your body to be water deficient. As we mentioned earlier, the loss of water causes dehydration which results in a regular headache & body pain. Tea and coffee are good at times but do not be dependent on them in the case of low blood pressure.

Always remember, water cannot be replaced with any kind of drink! Drink a lot of water daily and consume fresh fruit juices regularly.

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5. Taking your Food Timely & Patiently – Apart from healthy eating, the most important thing is timely eating! It is of no use by consuming all this just explained above. Don’t just mug up whenever you feel like eating. Take a break and sit patiently for having a light food at regular intervals. If you feel hungry at times, then take light fruits or food stuff to make sure the balanced digestion. This will help you in maintaining the low blood pressure for a long run.

6. Yoga – Yoga is the easiest and cheapest activity you need to learn if you are a victim of low blood pressure! The controlled & proper breathing technique will be learned by Yoga.

7. Consume Tulsi Leaves – The best way to keep your blood pressure in control is to consume Tulsi leaves. They are rich in anti-oxidants and also full of potassium, copper & various micro-nutrients. OMG! How can one avoid eating Tulsi which has such an abundant healthy add-ons? Yes, my friends! They all help in maintaining the balance of blood pressure in our body.

Simply add the juice of 10-12 Tulsi leaves into 1 teaspoon honey & then consume it every morning empty stomach. This routine exercise will come up to your expectations and you will feel free from low blood pressure complaint.

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