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Luxury interior swings /jhula to give modern look..

August 8, 2013 8:06 am Published by 3 Comments
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 In earlier days, You would have seen many women and girls on swings/jhula during monsoon. Enjoying on  swings was on heights during monsoon in old times. But now a days, swings become a fashion trend for interiors. It has occupied place not only in balcony and gardens but also in living room, hall and drawing room.  Modern and luxury interior swings give elegant and trendy look to the home and feel of these Indian festivals like teej and sindhara.

jute cane swing

Are you looking for luxury interior swings/jhula for your home..?? In this article you’ll get to know about its types, so that you can choose according to your interior and can make your interior more eye catchy..

iron cane swing

Sofa cum swings /jhula for interior in fashion trend 

Sofa cum swing /jhula is in latest trend in interior designing. With comfort, Wooden swings also gives traditional touch to the interior. High ceiling allows to bring swing seats inside, creating playful and relaxing, unusual and fun interior decorating. Designer wooden swings are available in market according to the usage of different varieties of wood. swings-interior-decorating-ideas-fun-swing-seats-1

wooden swing for interiorYou can also place an order for the swings in different wood varieties such as teak, shisham, simple wood etc. with different shine polishes and colors according to your interior. By placing heavy look pillows or cushions on sofa cum swings/jhula, you can give them royal and antique look. Decorating the swings With floral prints seat covers, net fabric, will create a pleasant gathering place in your home, bringing more happiness and joy.

Cane swings /jhula for balcony :

These cane swings with single seat are perfect for small rooms and balcony. You can decorate them with small cushions and soft fabric seats.cane swing

cane swings

Interior swing chairs for old people :

If your grandparents lives with you, you can go for swing chairs. They can be easily placed anywhere in the home. Swing chairs are the best options for grandparents as they are very safe and comfortable.

swing chair with stand moving chair

Stand swings and hanging swings for kids room

These swings are also in fashion trend for kids room. With these kids’ swings (some in the bedroom, others in the living room), playing indoors is almost as good as out.swings hanging with rope, and stand swings /jhula made up of plastics are commonly used these days for kids room as they are safe for kids.

swing for kids room

plastic swings

swing for living room

Iron Swings/jhula  for terrace and garden

Rot iron swings is perfect for terrace and garden because wooden swings will not stay longer in sun and rain. You can also decorate your garden with swings/jhula, made up of thin nylon ropes, so that you can hand it and remove it according to your needs.


rot iron swing/jhula

garden swings

iron swings/jhula for terrace

 Enjoy your childhood days again…

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