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4 Easy Makeup tips for Working Women | Beauty Tips & Tricks

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Every woman wants to look perfect all the time. Housewives get some time to groom themselves, but it’s become tough for working women. They are not even able to afford the time for their makeup in the middle of all morning household chorus. When it comes to the office makeup,working women can’t wear any type of makeup as they have to look glowing and beautiful from 9am to 6pm.pastel shades for eye makeup

To make yourself presentable, dressing sense and makeup play an important role. Choosing the right kind of makeup and cosmetics according to the latest fashion trend is a tough job. So, they have to follow those makeup tips which can help to retain the beauty throughout the day. Following wrong makeup tips & other beauty tips and tricks can make you look weird. Sober and light makeup colors goes perfect for working women. Glamorous makeup looks overdone at the workplace. The more professional look is a neutral, natural one, using shades of brown, taupe, nude, light pinks and soft peach on the cheeks, lips and lids, and a mascara shade that matches your natural lashes. It is always recommended to go for those makeup tips which reflects your inner beauty and goes perfect with your persona.Makeup tips for working women

So, here are some makeup tips for working women to look gorgeous and fresh whole day.

1. Avoid heavy Foundation

Choosing foundation according to your complexion will help you to get a natural look. If you have clear skin, then don’t go for foundation. After washing the face, apply sun screen cream. Use compact and press it softly with a sponge so that it can retain for more time. This makeup tip will give you a soothing look. If you go for foundation, then first match it with your skin tone. Avoid applying heavy foundation as you have to work for 7-8 hrs. Many women have facial hairs which are more visible. Applying foundation on the cheeks will cover up those visible hairs.foundation shades

2. Makeup tips to Enhance your Eyes

Shape your brows. Use light colored eye shadows to give your eyes a sober look. You can go for pink and brown shades, as it goes perfectly at the workplace. If you want to take it a step further, use a darker color from your lash-line to your crease to add depth. Avoid using liquid eye liners as it will consume your more time and will get splashed after some hours. Finish your eye makeup with mascara. Don’t overdo eye makeup. Instead of applying 2-3 coats of mascara, apply only once. Avoid using glittery eye shadows and mascaras. They are not meant for the workplace.  Use pencil instead of liquid to soften the look. Avoid using light color concealer. It will bring puffiness under your eye. Use it according to your skin tone.eye makeup tips

3. Avoid blush

Ditch the blush as it will make you look more alluring at the workplace. But if you are using blusher then choose a light and natural color. Instead of applying layers just swipe it once. Don’t  apply it too dark because you are going for work not for night party. It will give you a finished look. If needed, you can counter your forehead, cheekbones and jaw lines. Avoid using Bronzers and blushes that have muddy and brown tone. blush makeup tips

4. Polish your lips

Use nude, pink and brown shade to polish your lips. It will give you natural and tidy look. Use matte lipstick instead of shimmer and glossy as they will wash off during the working hours. Use lip liner to give a fuller look to your lips. You can go for lip liner but keep in mind it should of same color as of lipstick. Give a finish look to your lips by applying a colorless gloss.lovely pastel shades of lipsticks

Mistakes that you do in your Makeup can make you look older. So to avoid them visit –  Top 10 makeup mistakes will make you look 10 years older..

Following these easy tips and tricks about beauty & makeup for working women will give alluring and presentable look whole day. This will also make you feel confident as it will keep you ahead in the latest fashion trend related to beauty. Wearing makeup using these makeup tips will make you confident, and it will turn into positive responses.

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