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5 Amazing Benefits of Marrying your Best Friend – Ezyshine

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Do you feel strange or something wrong in marrying your best friend? If yes then Okay, It’s Fine!

But did you ever tried to share your heart feelings with your buddy? After all he/she is your best friend..! He/she must know what their best friend talks and feels about everyone including him/her. Many a times, you must be scared of telling your best friend about your feelings thinking about what if he gets angry and the pure relationship of our trustful friendship gets ruined for life.

relationship with best friend

Guys, we know that a best friend is one who understands your past, believes in your future & accepts you today as you are. This gives you the confidence to at least convey your message to your buddy. If he/she does not wanna marry you, then at least he will carry forward your friendly relationship. (Read: 4 Things to Change in Yourself for a Healthy Relationship)

After all, in a true relationship, your partner should also be your best friend. So, when your best friend becomes your life partner, then the life becomes more smooth, fun and special.

marrying your best friend

A great person has rightly said the words that I am really touched with:

“I do not say it to you lightly about marrying your best friend;

Really, truly find the strongest & the happiest person in your best friend as a soul mate;

Someone who speaks highly about you,

Someone who you can laugh with – the laugh which makes your nose snorting,

And leave your belly aching, the embarrassing, healing kind of laugh;

Life is too short not to love someone who lets you be a fool with them,

Make sure they are somebody who lets you cry;

Find someone that you want to be there with you through those times,

Marry the one that makes passion, love & madness combine and course through you;

I am sure that your best friend will come up to be the best soul mate too;

A Love that will never dilute, even when the water gets deep & dark..!”

marry your best friend - advantages

For girls, it has been said that “every girl has her best friend, boyfriend & a true love. But she is really lucky if they all are in the same person.

However, it has been said that Women gets more benefit if they get married to their Best Friend while the Women are less likely to choose their spouse as their Best Friend. However, it cannot be rightly commented on the lines above. It depends on a personal thinking that works in mind.

benefits to marry your best friend

The best relations are the one that are based on friendships. Check out these expert collections of tips that will let you know why marrying your best friend is a great idea for a healthy relationship. 

1. Great Sense of Understanding 

It has been rightly defined that a healthy relationship is built on trust and understanding. Until & unless you have a sense of understanding, there would be a bucket full of challenges to achieving a healthy relationship.

On the counterpart, we see a completely different picture when we talk about our best friends. He/she is the one who love & trust you to the heights. They enjoy your company in any circumstances or bring back your smile in any situation. (Read: 5 signs You Are in a Healthy Relationship)

This is what we call as ‘Understanding’.

Hence, it will be a fruitful idea of marrying your best friend. My friends! Always keep in mind that even when you are in a relationship like a girlfriend and a boyfriend, then also you need to be the best friends first. Only then you can take up your relation smoothly, or else, it has to back down one day for sure.


2. Aware of the Past Relationships/ History of your Best Friend

It is a famous saying that “A good friend knows all your best stories, but the Best Friend has lived them with you.”

Guys! Your best friend is the person, who knows your relationship history along with the people you dated. They know how close you were to someone you loved or infatuation towards any person in your college days or school weeks. Your best friend knows it all. (Read: 7 Tips to Stop Fights | Healthy Relationship Advice)

So this is the superb benefit of marrying your best friend as you both know the inside out about each one of you. In this way, you will be ready to deal with potential conflicts & will even respect the feelings of each other as and when needed. Your partner and you will have a sense of taking mutual decisions considering the friendship within you guys.

marriage with best friend benefits

3. Will always have Something to Talk or Listen

“Best Friends are the people you know that you don’t need to talk to every single day. Plus, you don’t even need to talk to each other for weeks. But when you do, it’s like you never stopped talking.”

The above lines of friendship justify the heading by itself. When your best friend turns into your husband/wife, you will never feel like bored. At various time intervals and multiple situations, the married couple faces the problem of not having anything to discuss or talk about. They just get into the daily routine work and then sleep after a quick fun activity. (Read: 15 Best Counseling for Abusive Relationship Secrets to Know)

But in case of marrying your best friend, you are going to have endless topics to discuss and to laugh with joy that it feels like you are still the same going best buddies. You will find yourself indulge in sharing the past hangouts and time pass activities of the college time. You will talk about the hobbies, common interests, common friends, gossips, or even Ex-BF/GF things.

Apart from this, you will wish to listen more than to talk and speak. Obviously, a best friend does not only convey his/her words, rather he/she enjoys learning more about their best buddy. They become a better listener than talking first about their day routine or any other activity.


4. You are Free to be What You Are

Once you have done marrying your best friend, the time comes when you might have to adjust with your partner’s tastes. You may have to face your partner’s pointless anger, jealousy out of small little things. You could even face the various moods and mind swings of your partner. But the best part lies behind the fact that you guys already know all this! Isn’t it?

It is cool when you know the bad side and the consequences of this behaviour. It’s already happened when you were best friends & this will give you strength to handle the situation in an easy way. You know the right time when you can offer your partner out for dance, drinks, or their favourite movies. This will surely be a simpler part to construct a healthy relationship than to go for an arranged marriage funda. (Read: 7 Secrets to Spice Up Your Long Distance Love Relationship)

The best thing is that you do not need to pretend in front of your best friend turned partner as you might get caught easily.

best friend as spouse - marital advice

5. Will have your Comfort Zone and Personal Space

When you marry a person you don’t know, a lot of tensions develops in mind as to how your partner will react to different scenarios. Moreover, it might take months to develop that comfort zone between you guys.

But you feel comfortable and relaxed by marrying your best friend. There, you do not have to worry about being romantic, behaviour, and many other initiatives. This gives you a comfort zone of being yourself. You need not make faces and pretend to be what you are not. (Read: 4 Secret Tips for a Healthy Relationship | Relationship Advice)

As you know all the weird or bad habits of your partner, you can be straightforward and fearless to put up your point of view in front of your best buddy. In this picture, you will also know your relationship faster and the healthy conversations between you guys will set an example to married couples.

Apart from that, it will not be tough for you to get your personal space as your best friend knows you need it.


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