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Modern False Ceiling Designs | Home decoration Ideas

March 24, 2014 4:18 pm Published by 1 Comment
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Want to give new look to the interior..?? Then focus on modern false ceiling designs. If you are making new home, or planning for renovation, then notice that great attention has to be given to the ceiling. The ceiling is often decorated with paintings, mosaic tiles. For home decoration, modern false ceiling designs are one of the main key to give your bedroom, hall, drawing room and kitchen a classy and eye catching look. Some false ceiling designs can be made during the time of renovation but there are many ceiling design patterns which can only be made during construction of the home.beautiful modern false ceiling ideas

Here are some modern false ceiling design ideas for cozy look to your interior.

1. Glass Vent Hood Ceiling Designs for Drawing room and lobby

Glass Vent is in fashion these days in modern ceiling designs. For this ceiling design, a block  is left in the roof at the time of RCC.  In these type of false ceiling designs, rooms are illuminated with sunlight. To make this type of ceiling, one must take care while designing the home. This type of modern false ceiling designs are perfect for living room, drawing room and lobby.  Cost ranges from Rs. 500 – Rs. 8000 per sqft to make this airy ceiling design.wooden ceilings designs

2. Bamboo ceiling designs

Name itself reminds of some beautiful islands. Islands with beautiful bamboo trees. Lovely bamboo texture on ceiling feels great..!! Bamboo ceiling designs are very popular these days. To make these type of ceilings, bamboo sheets are used and roof corners are designed through POP (Plaster of Paris) to fix the bamboo sticks.  Bamboo is considered a fresh, stylish and exotic ceiling option.  As Bamboo is strong and resilient and is  well-suited to dry and humid climates. Designers are giving more importance to these stylish and classy ceiling designs. These bamboo ceilings are very reasonable. It costs between Rs. 150 – Rs. 2500 per sq ft.modern bamboo ceiling designs for home

3.POP designs – Modern false ceiling designs with wooden touch

POP false ceiling designs are the great ideas to furnish and decorate your interior ceiling designs. Many ceiling designs are popular in false ceiling designs. But POP false ceiling designs are most popular among these. Now a days, interior designers are giving ideas of wooden touch in POP false ceiling designs. Modern false ceiling designs give elegant and stylish look to the bedroom. POP false ceiling designs are made up of gypsum and it also include modern colorful lights to enlighten the living room. Wooden artwork on POP ceiling gives rustic and semi gloss finish. POP designs on walls and ceilings in drawing room and bedroom will enhance the beauty of the room. It is very inexpensive and modern way for your home decoration. Its cost ranges from Rs. 250 – Rs. 1000  per sqft.modern false ceiling design ideas

4. Wood block ceiling designs

Wood block ceiling designs are the type of modern false ceiling designs. These wood block ceiling designs needs base ceiling. It gives rich and royal look to the living room. Beams can decorate the interior ceiling in almost any style, from historical classics to cutting edge high-tech . Most popular and modern false ceiling designs is the ancient style in which wood girders and ply is used. Now enrich your ceiling with rich wooden canopies and blocks. These wood block ceiling designs goes best in hall, bedroom.   Price of this royal wood block ceiling designs ranges from Rs. 1000 – Rs.10000 per sqft.wooden bloacks ceiling designs

Hope you like these ceiling design ideas. Follow these modern false ceiling designs for the home decoration and give your interior a modern, rich look.

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