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Must Know Symptoms & Treatment for Dengue Fever

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A study has found that Mosquitos transmit various kinds of viruses which take birth as infectious diseases. One of the Mosquito born disease is termed as Dengue. This dengue virus is transmitted through Aedes Mosquito bites. It takes birth in clean water and generally tends to bite at day time. One can feel the symptoms within 3-5 days of the mosquito bite.

dengue fever - precautions

Now the question arises about the available treatment for dengue fever. Is there any scientific call for the issue covered or all just going in researches and experiments?

Friends, it is true that there is no specific vaccine or medication available for treatment for Dengue fever, but we can control the situation smartly by choosing some Ayurvedic, Homeopathic, and Naturopathic ways.

Here at Ezyshine, we are going to share the recent health challenge faced by the Indian society & the collection of ideas to put them on the table. These treatments might help you to overcome the tough situations that you or your dear ones might be going through.

treatment for dengue fever

Symptoms of Dengue Fever

The one who is suffering from dengue will have high fever with cold for at least 4 days. It could further result in a severe headache, weakness, light cold and cough, joint pain, vomiting and even red spots on the body. These spots are observed on body parts in two phases basically. One, in the 2nd or 3rd day, and then the second time in around 7th day of fever.

When you go for blood test and find that blood platelets are less than 1.5 lacks, then you got to be serious about this fever. I have closely observed that once the platelets start reducing, it is a difficult job to bring them up again easily. Also, reduction of blood platelets results in blood flow through mouth or nose with cough and cold. Blood vomits do becomes common in such case. Especially, a message to pregnant ladies, take special care of yourself to be protected and not to be caught by dengue.

symptoms of dengue - healthy living

Apart from this, eyes pain and skin rash are also observed in some cases. With all these symptoms, a normal life becomes tough and the secured treatment for Dengue fever becomes a necessity.

Here’s a compact guide that justifies your actual need at the stage of Dengue fever, where you will come to know the workable treatment for dengue fever in a doctoral way. Keep your family safe and happy!

Treatment for Dengue Fever

Ayurvedic Treatments

 1.  Pomegranate Juice 

Pomegranate juice is one of the best treatment for dengue fever. Intake of 300 ml juice after 2 hrs from lunch helps to increase the platelets of dengue patient. (Read: 6 Refreshing Summer Drinks | Homemade Recipes of Juices & Shakes)

pomegranate juice - healthy drinks - treatment for dengue fever

2. Figs, Raisins & Date 

Figs, Raisins & date even can do the miracle for dengue patients. Soak them overnight & eat them in breakfast. Eat only 2-3 figs, 10-15 raisins & 4 dates at a time. Avoid overdose of these eatables.

Note: Diabetic patients avoid the intake of Figs, date & raisins.


3. Juice of Wheat Grass (Jaware)

If your are looking for the treatment for dengue fever, then the wheatgrass juice can resolve your problem. It is the easy way to increase the platelets. Grind the wheatgrass & water together and drink 40ml 3 times a day in the gap of 4 hrs before the meal.

wheatgrass juice - treatment for dengue fever

4. Juice of Papaya Leaves

Kibble the 4-5 leaves of papaya with water in a mixer or grinder. Drink at least 150-200 ml juice with breakfast. It increases the growth of platelets in the body.

papaya leaf juice - treatment for dengue

5.  Giloy (Guduchi) Juice

Wash the 6-inch stem or take the 5-6 leaves of giloy. Grind them with the water. Drink 8-10 ml juice empty stomach daily in the morning. Don’t forget to drink the same quantity before going to bed. It will not only help the dengue patient to increase the platelets, but a normal healthy person can remain fit with its daily use.

Giloy juice - treatment for dengue fever

6. Apple Juice

The 200ml of homemade apple juice even can help you to recover from dengue fever. Take a glass of juice a day and you’ll be healthy & fit again.

apple juice - treatment for dengue fever

7. Tulsi Leaves

Surprising medicinal properties make tulsi the best medicine. Dry the tulsi leaves & make its powder. Mix 1 spoon honey in 1/4 tulsi powder & take it empty stomach. Also, eat it before dinner. It strengthens the immune system.

tulsi & honey - treatment for dengue

Other Natural & Homeopathy Treatments for Dengue Fever

If someone is suffering from dengue fever, then try this naturopathy treatment. Give sponge bath to the patient. Then, ask him/her to put their feet in the hot water tub. Cover the patient with the blanket & put the wet cloth on the forehead. Do it at least for 10 min. It will relieve the patient from fever.

Tulsi & Basil Leaves

Boil the tulsi & take it 2-3 times a day. You can even use basil leaves instead of tulsi. Intake of these herbs will strengthen the body’s defense mechanism.

Fenugreek Leaves

Use fenugreek leaves as herbal tea. It will flush out the toxins from your body.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C rich fruits like amla & orange will heal and recover the body soon & increase the urinary output.

As dengue is caused by the virus, there is no antibiotic or medicine to cure it, but some medicines and herbs are considered to relief from the pain & symptoms. (Read: 7 Healthy Fruit Smoothie Recipes – Healthy Summer Drinks)

amla - vitamin c - dengue fever treatment

Usually eupatorium, gelsemium, aconite & belladonna homeotherapy medicines are given for the treatment for dengue fever. But only medicines are not enough.

The patient must take precautions to get well soon.

  • Proper hydration is required in typical dengue.
  • Intake of juices, boiled water & other semi-liquid foods like Dalia, khichdi can cure dengue fever easily in short time. It lowers down the body temperature.
  • Avoid spicy, sour & acidic foods when suffering from dengue fever.
  • Keep the raw onion away from your meal.
  • Take medicine half hr before the meal or empty stomach.
  • Try to keep the surroundings clean & especially the kitchen & dining area.
  • Don’t take medicines without the doctor’s consultation.

Stay healthy with Ezyshine as we care for our healthy living!

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