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Myths & Facts about Shampoo for Healthy Hair Growth

May 8, 2015 5:21 pm Published by 2 Comments
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Hey, friends! Are you really concerned about the time you spend on choosing the best shampoo for healthy hair growth? Do you know the right time to change your shampoo? Are you aware of the time interval for your hair wash? Tune with Ezyshine to master up the natural hair care tips for healthy hairs.

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Hairs are a part of beauty. A strong & healthy hair is a dream of every single woman especially for those, who love to keep their sexy look alive according to the fashion trend. Moreover, hairs have a proven habit to put you in the limelight with the most effective changes in your fashion status. They simply add glow to your looks.

I don’t think that selecting a perfect shampoo for healthy hair growth could be an easy task. The reason being that there is a bucket full of shampoo brands fighting in the market & you are bound to choose any one of them. These products have various ingredients which affect the hairs in a dramatic manner. Some of them are good for proper conditioning & strength of hairs while others use cheap quality chemical combinations which may cause a great loss to your beautiful hairs. Moreover, we have seen the hair color trends on fashion streets which cause a high damage to your curvy hairs. (Read: 5 Hot Fall / Winter Hair Color Trends for Women)

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The moral of the story is that you should carefully select your shampoo for healthy hair growth on the basis of ingredients mentioned on the particular shampoo. The right selection of shampoo brand can make your hairs dark, strong from roots & shining from the outer.

How much shampoo to apply for Healthy Hair Growth?

First thing First! Follow the natural hair care tips we described in our previous article that you must wash your hairs properly with particular time gap. If you go through this washing idea, then the large quantity of using shampoo is not even required. Rather, the amount of shampoo that a coin can carry over is sufficient in one way, but the actual use of shampoo depends on the length of your hairs. For instance, leather shampoo makes your hairs rough despite the fact that it gets tucked to the hairs very quickly. (Read: 7 Natural Hair Care Tips for Healthy Hairs | Home Remedies)

Hence, the use of such shampoo becomes effective in such cases. Generally, it’s suggested that ladies should shampoo their hairs at least once in a week for proper strengthening and elasticity of your hairs.

how to use shampoo - shampoo for healthy hair growth

How and When to Wash the Hairs?

Dermatologist suggests that washing your hairs less frequently is the best way to get healthy hairs. But then, it also depends upon the environment and the lifestyle you are into. That means you are a housewife, a regular office going women, or a company owner who frequently travels across cities.

If your hairs do not break, then you can wash them day after another. The process of Washing your hairs, drying your hairs, & then getting up a suitable hairstyle; takes away all the moisture from your hairs. Hence, there are some rules to wash your hairs. (Read: 5 Beauty Benefits of Curd | Skin and Hair Care Tips)

If your hairs are oily, or you live in a city full of pollution, or you step out daily for work, then you can wash your hairs regularly. If your hairs are normal, or the combination of oily roots & dry top, then you are eligible to wash them at alternate days. If your hairs are very dry, or if your environment is quite rough, then you could wash them within the time difference of 2-3 days. This is some of the selective ways how healthy hair growth is achieved.

You can wash your hairs by applying baking soda shampoo on wet hairs. Check the quantity you put it in.

baking soda spray - healthy hair growth

How much Hot/Cold the Water should be for Shampoo?

I would prefer lukewarm water for better results. It’s said that lukewarm water allows the shampoo to dissolve better at the roots which leave the hairs more clean and clear. But Friends! While applying your selected shampoo for healthy hair growth, keep in mind that you are not using too much hot water as it may damage your scalp. Finally wash your hairs with normal tap water as soon as you complete the above process. This will leave the important nutrients locked in your hairs and you will get the shining hairs you always wished for.

cold-vs-hot-water - healthy hair growth

When to change the Shampoo?

It mostly happens that the shampoo that always gives you shining and thick hairs, takes a U-turn and stops working all of a sudden. Do you think it’s possible or it might happen in real? If yes, then how frequently do you change your shampoo and conditioner to maintain the healthy hair growth? Ladies, you really need some hair care tips while you shampoo for healthy hair growth.

I would like to tell you that there is a strong scientific reason behind it. Actually, the brand owners of these shampoos do not change their formula until they put a “New & Improved” type of marks on them. Moreover, it is being logically defined that your hairs are the reason due to which the shampoo stops working. You should check that are your hairs getting dry due to some reason? You could check this thing by keeping an eye on your nails. If your nails are getting rough or they are breaking down with a pace, then you can conclude that you are going through the process of ‘aging’. Hence, this is causing a loss of water in your body. (Read here: Importance of Water in Our Body)

Make sure that you do not use oily hair formula for shampoo. Doing so, will make your hairs remain unclean completely.

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Does your Shampoo have an Expiry Date?

Wow..! This is being crazy for me too that shampoo has a life. Most of the shampoo has a ‘shell life’ of 2-3 years. Rather, an old shampoo will not cause any problem to your hairs but it will not even work with that previous efficiency. Most important thing to notice is that if you find any change in the color or fragrance of your shampoo bottle, you throw it in the dustbin immediately.

Beware while purchasing your shampoo for healthy hair growth as it will later cause extra penny when you switch to another one. (Read: 6 Great Tips to get instant Glowing Skin Naturally…)

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Which one is Fine – Cheap or an Expensive Shampoo for Healthy Hair Growth?

Darling! It might be possible that a cheap shampoo works effectively on your hairs. While the expensive one makes your hairs rough & lifeless. Hence, it depends on what kind of treatment you wish for your hairs.

Shampoo is a product that has a close relation between hairs and the money. You have to check the formula of the shampoo brand that you are going to purchase so that you can analyze how it’s going to work on your hairs. Apart from this, the fragrance and the type of shampoo is very important point to choose according to your taste. See through our hair care tips and know what you actually need for your hairs. (Read: Top 10 makeup mistakes will make you look 10 years older..)

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Is Conditioner really Required after Shampoo?

Yes, my friends! Conditioner is equally important after shampoo. You can say that the conditioner takes the treatment to the final destination whatever treatment the shampoo has started like making hairs capable of combing, working on curly hairs, etc. every single person faces the problem of hair damage but the only difference is that some get less and the others get more hair loss. (Read: 5 Easy Hairstyles Perfect for Every Occasion)

Now if we talk about choosing the conditioner required after shampoo for healthy hair growth, you will have to try some of them to finally select one. The conditioners that will keep your hair style cool according to your wish; it will be the best one for healthy hair growth.

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