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Neon Colored Footwear – Latest Fashion Trend

December 14, 2013 4:24 pm Published by Leave your thoughts
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The neon shades collection is in latest fashion trend. If you are shoe lover, and love to carry a different pair of shoes for every outfit, then you will definitely love these florescent, colored and flashy footwears.neon shoes

Till now people used to wear matching footwear with matching outfits, but this season mismatched are in fashion trend.  Neon colored footwear will go perfect with contrast dresses. Celebrities design gurus are following this fashion trend. You can see it on red carpets, fashion streets.neon footwears - latest fashion trend

Now electrify your shoe style with neon sandals, heels, shoes and florescent flats. Neon shades include hot pink, lemon yellow, bright orange, turquoise blue and fluorescent green. Depending on the look you are going for, these shoes can be incorporated into an outfit in a variety of ways.

As with most other trends, the easiest way to incorporate neon into your wardrobe is through accessories.  This new fashion trend is taking the fashion world, athletic world and even Hollywood by storm.neon colored footwear

Here are some types of Neon colored footwears.

1. Tip & Back

Transparent sandals are hit in  Tip & Back Neon colored footwears. Its tip and back are neon colored and middle part is transparent which gives different and classy look to the feet. The pointy toed front and sky-high heel boast a vibrant shade that fools the eye into looking past the clear sections of the shoe. Neons give you an edge and attitude that’s yells confidence.  Featuring bold colors like hot pink and bright neon yellow, these heels are sure to make a statement wherever you choose to take them.

tip and back neon footwaer- latest fashion trend


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