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5 Smart Ideas to Organize Your kitchen – Ezyshine

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Kitchens can be the most time-consuming place to keep tidy, organized and safe in the house. After all, cooking every day leaves surfaces smudged with grease and spices, while mountains of dirty pans and plates pile up in the sink.

Here are the essentials to organize your kitchen so you can spend less time cleaning and more time enjoying the food you cook.

1. Do an inventory of your food

The most important first step to organize your kitchen is knowing what you already have in. Clear out every corner of every cupboard, throw away old food and clean every surface. You’d be surprised how much gunk builds up after a few months. This will also help you to avoid buying the same ingredients twice and save your money by reducing waste. 

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2. Have a system and stick to it

Once you’ve cleaned out your cupboards and shelves, designate specific areas for specific types of food. For example, you can choose to group all baking products together or to store cooking oil by the stove. Once you’ve decided how to categorize your food, you won’t have to spend time thinking about where to find or store them.

3. Have an area designated for cleaning products and accessories

Kitchens aren’t just used to cook but also to clean everything from utensils to clothes. For those moments when you want to clean after your cooking, remove grease from the kitchen surfaces, you want to find your cleaning products and accessories easily.

Other than knowing how to remove grease stains in your kitchen quickly, you want to also group all relevant cleaning products and accessories in the same place, ensuring they have no contact with food. There are some exceptions though. For example, baking soda is great for when you want to remove some stains from fabric, including how to remove grease stains here.

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4. Make common ingredients accessible

Looking for some smart ways to organize your kitchen? Storing the items properly is the best way to organize your kitchen. Store ingredients that you use regularly in cupboards and storage spaces near to your stove. This will make it quicker for you to find them when you cook. Spices are particularly difficult to organize. If you cook with multiple spices every day, consider investing in a spice rack that you display on the kitchen counter.

Spice racks are both useful and add color to your kitchen decor. If you buy spices in bulk, store them in jars that are clearly labeled rather than leaving them in their original bags. Store them in a way that is only one row deep so you can easily take stock of what spices you already have.

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5. Keep your kitchen safe

Most accidents happen in the kitchen. If you don’t organize your kitchen well, you can hurt yourself anytime. Never leave knives in the sink to wash as you can easily cut your hands. Once you’ve dried them with a tea towel, always make sure they have kept away safely in a knife block or drawer. If you have young children, keep knives out of their reach. Also, have a safety lock on cupboards containing corrosive substances such as bleach and washing powder.

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6. Maximize space with hooks

Hooks are a great and space-efficient way that helps to organize your kitchen to store tea towels, kitchen accessories, and pots and pans. If you wash pans by hand, install a rail with a line of hooks above the kitchen sink. This makes it easy for you to dry pots and pans once you’ve worked out. You can also place hooks inside kitchen cupboard drawers to hang tea towels and kitchen utensils. (Read: 6 Must Have New Home Essentials for Home Decoration – Ezyshine)

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7. Set up a clear waste disposal system

Kitchen waste can be some of the most difficult to sort. After all, you have recycling, general waste, and even compost to think about. That’s why you want a waste disposal system that is easy to access and follow. Ensure that your recycling bin is clearly differentiated from your general by placing it in a separate location from your general waste bin.

If you like to compost vegetable peel and tea leaves, keep a small compost bin on your kitchen countertop. To avoid rubbish odor from spreading in the kitchen, have a general food waste bin under the sink.

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8. Arrange food by date order

If you buy tinned and dry foods in bulk or you accidentally buy the same ingredients several times, arrange food in your cupboards according to their expiry dates. Store food with shorter expiry dates at the front and longer expiry dates at the back.

9. Reuse jars and tins as storage containers

Before you decide to throw away packaging, consider using them as storage containers. Jars are great for storing grains, pulses and spices and tins are useful for freshly baked biscuits and cakes. When storing food, always make sure that it is clearly labeled and make a note of the expiry dates by cutting that part of the packaging.

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10. Store items you rarely use away

If you have dinnerware or seasonal kitchenware that you only use a few times a year, store them on high shelves, the backs of cupboards, or even outside of the kitchen. This way you can free up essential kitchen storage for accessories you use daily.

11. Prioritize fridge food hygiene

Make sure the food in your fridge is arranged in a way that is hygienic and that the temperature in your fridge is below 5 degrees. Keep cooked foods such as cheese on the middle and top shelves while storing raw meat in sealed packaging on bottom shelves. Fridges can also get slimy from rotten vegetable juice, so regularly clean your fridge. (Read: 7 Amazing Ways to Get Rid of Fridge Smell – Cleaning Tips)

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12. Clean kitchen surfaces last

One of the greatest motivation behind organizing your kitchen is appreciating the shine, smell and polish of a clear kitchen surface top. But that motivation can disappear if you’re constantly worried about how to remove grease stains from your kitchen counters while you’re cooking or cleaning up. That’s why the order you organize your kitchen is essential for cutting down the time you spend tidying.

So make sure you clear all surfaces, put dishes away and finish all your cooking before wiping the surface clean to avoid more spills you’ll need to wipe up later. Organizing your time and making sure you don’t repeat tasks is just as important as the organization itself.

Organizing your kitchen can take a lot of time at the beginning. But once you’ve found a system that works for you, it may save your hours in the long term. That way you focus on the joy of cooking and eating without worrying about where to find things.

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