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Punk your style in monsoon with these Nail Art

July 7, 2013 9:21 am Published by 6 Comments
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Today i just had a thought of painting my nails, to add some beautiful colors to my life. So i started with one of my favorite color.. Oops not only mine… i guess it’s the favorite of majority of the girls.

You must be wondering that what would be the color m talking about…Yup, u got it right…
Its Pink… isn’t just a color, it’s an Attitude.

is not that tough, you just need to try & enjoy. It’s just that simple.


Cute Pink Dotted Nail-art


Steps for making this cute Nail-art :

  • color quote on your nails.
  • Further, when pink color gets dry, Paint your upper side nails with soothing white color.
  • Then make different size white dots on your pink color quote and pink dots on white color quote

Here your cute Nail- art is ready.

Cool combo of Red & white Nail-art

The below design is really simple and easy to do.

red n white nail-art



Steps for making this cool Nail-art :

  • Quote your nails with white colour.
  • Let it dry.
  • Make narrow and wide strips of red colour on white colour.

Your Nail art is Ready…



: Dip your fingers in water to dry your Nail-art fast.


So with these Nail-Art just cheer up your nails and add a punk to your statement this monsoon.


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