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Quick Tips to Avoid Misunderstandings

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Misunderstanding is the error for which we generally blame to others. When one doesn’t understand what you say, it leads to misunderstanding. We always want to be right in the conversation, but it does not mean we can blame others for that.

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In the communication process, there is always a sender and a receiver and a medium of conversation that can be by text also where you can’t show your feelings properly and that definitely lead to misunderstanding. You must be aware of what you are saying and whom. Before conveying your message to other, and to avoid misunderstanding, check your messages whether they are simple and easily understandable.

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Here are some tips to avoid misunderstanding :

Never assume that you know what has been conveyed. Always ask questions and make it clear, what the other person said. It will make things clear to u and help to avoid misunderstanding.

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Avoid Fluff

Make your points clear by conveying your messages in short form. Sending long messages or using many words in a conversation will lead to misunderstanding. So, always say directly what you want to convey in minimum words or simple words this will avoid misunderstanding and will lead a healthy conversation resulting in a healthy relationship.

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Listening with patience and trying to understand the sender’s message will help in avoiding misunderstanding. Active listening goes well beyond merely hearing what the other person is saying to understanding the message through requests for clarification and Para phrasing.

Make Sure Your Written Communications are clear

After conveying message to the receiver, just ask him whether he/she understood what you have sent or not?? This activity will take your extra time but will help to avoid misunderstanding.

Have Patience ….!!!

Enjoy a healthy and warm relation…!!!

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