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Rajasthani Lahariya | Monsoon Fashion Trend for Women

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Hey Guys..!! Did you saw the recently launched movie “Humpty Sharma ki Dulhan”..!! In the movie, actress Alia Bhatt is carrying Rajasthani pattern patiyala, kurti and a scarf presenting a fashion trend for women through this show…!!

I just love Monsoon and many of us like it. It feels so refreshing and independent while stepping out in the rain and getting yourself soaked for the whole day. So gals, let you be free & groom up your looks with this monsoon fashion trend. This showery weather is not just about getting drenched in the first rain rather, you need to look fabulous in the season with the advent of Rajasthani Lahariya fashion tradition.lehariya dupattas and turbans

The word ‘Lahar’ means ‘waves of water and cool air’. So, with the arrival of monsoon, the vibrant colors all the way from Rajasthan come in action which is worn by every second person in this showery season. This Rajasthani Lahariya pattern based apparels are basically a special tie and die dress. It is an entire line of cloth, which is dyed in multiple colors.

Lahariya pattern is the symbol of rippling water of the monsoon season. In fact, an Indian festival ‘Teej’ is also celebrated during this monsoon season in midst of July and August. These Lahariya pattern designs look similar to wind waves that flow in the monsoon season. Rajasthani Lahariya sarees are known as the shopper’s delight and had its availability in multiple color and designs.rajasthani lahariya - monsoon fashion trends for girls

Check out these vibrant and colorful Rajasthani Lahariya patterns & combinations for the upcoming Monsoon along with this fashion trend for women…!!

1. Lahariya Fashion Tadka in Footwears

Lahariya fashion for girls has now become the touch of tradition with the bulk of glamour appeal. Plus, adding them up with a pair of bright Lahariya creation footwear with it will result in a trendy fashion tadka for you. Moreover, bright color footwears are much entertained by the fashion lovers. These can be carried easily with ethnic wear. rajasthani lahariya n footwears

2. Rajasthani Lahariya printed Long Skirts

Experts says – with the rise in monsoon, the demand of long printed Lahariya skirts will be widely seen. These skirts could be found in cotton as well as Georgette or Chiffon Fabric too. Long colorful skirt with the glittery bright color figure-hugging t-shirt makes you looks complete and adorable. Apart from t-shirt, you could also carry short shirts with these printed trendy skirts.Trendy long skirts in lahariya pattern

3. Lahariya for Traditional classy Look

Lahariya is the ultimate option for classy ethnic look in this monsoon season. A wavy flow with vibrant colors make it more graceful and keeps your mood light. Now give a dump to your dull boring color outfits and enrich your wardrobe with this Bandhni and Lehariya/ lahariya fashion outfits.

Its easily available in Rajasthan as it is the local tradition of Rajasthan, but no need to worry you can get it from online stores also. They have much pretty collection of lahariya in salwar suits, sarees, footwear and other accessories. In this monsoon , After home decoration and shoes, neon colors are leaving their impressions in lahariya outfits also. Girls are going crazy for them.lahariya sarees - monsoon fashion trend

4.  Lahariya pattern with Gota Patti work

Earlier lahariya was available only in monsoon season, but now you can get it throughout the year. Lahariya pattern is not only available in suits and sarees, markets are full of lahariya pattern lehangas also. This season lahariya fashion came with many new innovations like lahariya with gotta patti work, zari work, heavy work borders and moti(Pearl) sequence work.  Designer kurti and skirts are also flooded with traditional and elegant lahariya pattern.lahariya fashion trend - rajasthani culture

5. Miracle of Lahariya Fashion in Handbags

Are you fed up of your leather handbags?? Want something light and colorful this lovely season?? This monsoon season has bring the huge collection of beautiful and classy lahariya pattern in light fabric cotton and canvas bags. These handbags reflects the royal and heritage culture of Rajasthan and colorful lahariya pattern has added a flavor to this monsoon fashion trend. These handbags are easy to carry and are spacious enough to hold all your necessary accessories.Lahariya design in handbags

6. Lahariya colors in hair accessories and Jewelry

Not only outfits are flooded with lahariya pattern but other hair accessories are also adorned with the sparkling colors. Funky hair clips for small girls and young ladies, hair scarfs, hair bands all are drenched in the shower of lahariya designs and beautiful wavy traditional patterns.

Ufff…!! How can i forget about the Thread Jewelry…? Lovely Peeps.. If you are fond of jewelry, then don’t stop yourself from buying these thread jewelry. This is the special collection where you’ll find out the breath taking lahariya designs and colors in the thread and fabric necklaces.Lahariya fashion trend in necklace

Usually, this Rajasthani trendy Lahariya style was to be seen in sarees patterns majorly but with the emerging fashion and creativity, it has become more modern now. From Lahariya suits for girls to fashion accessories, this pattern is showing its presence globally. Lahariya or Lehariya is a creative Rajasthani traditional wear.

Go with Monsoon fashion trend for Rajasthani Lahariya Sarees, Lahariya Design Salwar Kameez, Lahariya multi-color suits, and much more..!! Just step ahead and shop for these colorful and vibrant Lahariya for yourself or your loved ones.

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