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Cool Tropical & Palm Prints | Monsoon fashion trends 2014

August 20, 2014 11:22 am Published by 3 Comments
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It’s true that everyone cannot afford the great lavishing fun time at beaches all over, but what IF that rather than going to the tropics, the tropics itself comes to you..!! Come and get yourself charged with the refreshing monsoon fashion trends full of tropical and palm prints dresses.

With the glaze of rainy season, Palm prints or monsoon special tropical fashion prints are presently everywhere with a refreshing & sexy image of you. This is simply an on-demand graphic print style that is giving a bold and gorgeous look to girls, whereas guys get a perfect eye tonic too..!! Lolzz..!!tropical-print-clothes

Then you wish for mood refreshment in rainy season, then what could be more cool and entertaining than the beach side style wear..!! This is the reason why designers are giving preference to palm prints and making use of these designs as monsoon fashion trends. These tropical print dresses are very different from others as each piece of dress makes a style very different from the other one.

In every style of fashion, these palm prints are at peak as they adore your beauty with the natural, exotic look like prints with beach way color looks. The best part about this pattern is that tropical monsoon fashion trend could be used in other accessories and footwear too.

Be it Foot wears, Flower Bracelets, casual graphic Palm Beach print t-shirts, tropical earrings, Bags, beach super shorts, and much more. These tropical fashion trends give you a flirty look.tropical print monsoon fashion trends

Check out these refreshing Tropical & Palm Prints by Ezyshine, representing the Monsoon fashion trends 2014.

1. Refreshing palm prints in footwear

Hey beauties.. As monsoon is sprinkling it shower, its the time to give rest to your leather shoes and other floral prints. Its the time to adorn your wardrobe with chic and bold monsoon fashion trends. Cool Tropical and palm prints will give chic and light feel to your beauty. When its raining cats and dogs, one thing you must take care of is its grip. Loose and slippery footwear can ruin your look and can put you in problem. These monsoon fashion trend footwears are light and easy to carry. Tropical bold prints are sizzling this season and can add vibes to your style statement. Pair your outfits with these graphical palm beach print stilettos, flip flop, loafers to give a hike to your glamour.tropical palm print footwears - monsoon fashion trends 2014

2. Beach prints on dresses

Pops of colors in mini length dresses with scoop neckline carries beach side style. Fashion designers have introduced a large collection of bold palm and tropical print outfits highlighting date palm tress in front with gloomy dark backgrounds, vibrant color tropical prints, soothing beach side prints with lightweight fabrics so that you can feel the perfect mix of comfort with style and boldness.Tropical print fashion trends - palm prints

3. Tropical Print accessories

Outfits looks incomplete without accessories. Trendy accessories can turn out your boring outfits into classy look. If you don’t want to carry these bold prints in your outfits, but want to go with this lovely weather…No need to worry…

Monsoon fashion trend 2014 has brought you the palm print earrings, bracelets and belts to complement your dressing style. Now embrace the culture and fashion of far off places in your wardrobe with these classy accessories. And trust me ladies… These won’t break your bank account.palm print- monsoon fashion gtrends 2014

4. Handbags drenched in palm prints

Handbag is the accessory that you always try to carry whenever you step out of your home to keep your necessary things safe and readily available. If you are fed up of leather bags and metal clutch bags, try out these palm print handbags to give a happening and disastrous look to your style. Waterproof Tote handbags drenched in beach side and tropical prints are the latest hits of this monsoon fashion trend. Handbags always appeal to the looks of women and this is the best and effective way to add bold and colorful prints in your wardrobe instead of turning out your whole wardrobe with beach side and tropical printsTropical print Handbags- monsoon fashion trends

5.Casual T-Shirt and shorts

Figure hugging beach side printed casual t-shirts and hot pants are spreading its wings this monsoon. Palm print t-shirts when paired with jeans will add a intriguing twist to your sexy appearance. Girls… now you can get the refreshing look and feel in these clumsy lazy days with sexy and stylish palm and tropical print shorts and t-shirts. Wearing anything below the knees in this rainy season is such a disaster. You can accentuate your figure with these tropical print shorts and trick the surroundings with your casual girl look. Tropical prints - monsoon fashion trends 2014

So girls, are you ready for this monsoon tropical print fashion fever?

Simply mouse over to the above tropical fashion print style for various apparels and accessories & explore the glamour within you to the outside world. Shop for the latest monsoon fashion trends with our expert pick-ups of the season.

Remember, you are born beautiful and your beauty deserves a round of applause..!!


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