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Relationship between father and daughter | Relationship Advice

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” A son’s first Hero & A daughter’s first love.

The between father and daughter is always a complex one, but then too it has been less explored than any other relationships.

Did you know why father and daughter seem to have such an uncomplicated and happy relationship??

While father love all their children but they love to spend more time with their daughter. Fathers have a power in a daughter’s life that mothers just don’t have. Here are some tips for maintaining a good relationship between father and daughter.

He is the person who develops confidence, self image in his daughter’s life. He always extends his hands to affirm his daughter’s femininity by being sensitive to when she is going through emotional highs and lows. He always increases her confidence in her own abilities, support her as she learns more about who she is and what kind of person she wants to become. 

USA President Barack Obama has a very close relationship with his two daughters.

“Daughter’s not duty is turning Barack Obama’s hair grey” says Michelle Obama.

No matter how big name you are, the father-daughter relationship should remain the same. A daughter says “When I was a Kid, I cannot even think of any of my need as strong as the need for my father’s protection.” 


I’m Daddy’s little girl….!! 

According to Dr. Meg Meeker “the bond that exists between fathers and their daughters is a very special one.”

Dad is the most influential person for a girl since her infant to her teenage.
When the girl is in her infant stage, the father takes care of her physical needs, putting her to sleep, calming her cries, giving her baths. As she grows up, he gets down on floor as horse and gives her rides on his back. In her school age, he holds his finger and takes her to the school. During her teenage, he acts as a friend for her daughter and helps her to take the decisions, to build trust relationships.

For the betterment in the warm relationship between father and daughter, you can follow these tips:

  • Go out and play with her in parks, on the swings.
  • Make out time for fun. Building fun memories in a positive environment make a big difference.
  • Teach her new things and involve yourself with her.
  • Always say that she is beautiful. This makes father daughter relationships healthier and better.

At every stage of a girl’s life, her king is always there to help her, support her, and understand her. You can even look for some relationship between father and daughter quotes such as:

“A girl may find her Prince someday, but she DAD will always be her King”

I love being a girl because I’m daddy’s little girl…. And I’m loving it…!!!

“Papa Ki Pari Hu Main…”


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