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The Best Diet and Exercise Plan to Keep You Fit & Healthy

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Abs are made in the Kitchen, not in the Gym..! Do you agree with this inspirational quote focussing on diet and exercise plans? So have you got any master plan that brings you a step ahead towards your destiny?

My friends! Your body is a reflection of what you are. If you want to look young and healthy, then you will have to eat smart with a proper diet and exercise plan. Plus, you should always keep a positive approach towards your intense workout routine. Do not give excuses to yourself for getting up early for your fitness melody. Keep the motivational fitness tip in your mind that “I don’t work out or exercise because I hate my body tone; but, I do because I LOVE doing it!(Read: 10 Ways to Stay Healthy and Fit – Healthy Lifestyle Tips)

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Experts always suggest that don’t even start a diet plan that has an expiry date; rather, one should focus on the lifestyle that lasts forever. You are always found in a hurry to give a shape to your body at any cost. To achieve that, you have to first understand what your body needs because health is a relationship between you & your body. You need to know & understand your body type so that your healthy diet and exercise plan keeps you fit & active. (Read: 5 Amazing Health Benefits of Playing Football | Fitness Tips 

During your fitness tutorials, you must have heard about small bones and large bones. You must know about the type and differences in them. The ratio of your weight & height alone does not conclude that you are overweight or not. Health experts believe that your body structure helps you a lot to know the overweight and underweight scenario. Moreover, it also explains your physical and mental fitness in a different manner. (Read: The Ultimate Guide to Healthy diet plans)

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A person takes birth in either small or medium or large types of body frames. Now larger bones have more weight, and similarly, the person having large body structure with more height will have more weight than the person having the same height of small body structure. So when we talk about following the good diet and exercise plan, then different body tone & structures will have different plans for each. A good fitness routine is one that is created by keeping your present body tone in mind, and focussed to achieve the real balanced body tone. (Read: Steps to have a healthy heart – Way to Balance and the Risk factor behind..!!!)

This includes a proper process along with time to relax and stretch. With the help of individuals and health experts, we have created a guide that will provide you a healthy diet and exercise plan for physical & mental fitness.

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1. Small Body Structure (Ectomorph): Diet and Exercise Plan

This applies to those slim girls whose body tone is build up with the small body structure and slim muscular body. It becomes challenging for them to gain weight in such cases. Due to this reason, these people try to eat more than their hunger. They also have small bones and muscles are also comparatively less. This is the reason that this scenario falls under the lowest point of Body Mass Index (BMI).

For the best results on diet and exercise plan, you got to mug up how to burn maximum calories in a day. For that, you need to exercise for at least 30 minutes a day. The interesting thing about women of this category does not have to worry about maintaining their weight. So, their basic agenda of doing exercise is put their body in shape & to balance the level of stress. You have to boost up your health and fitness with some practical ideas including fun ways to achieve the activeness in you. (Read: 7 Causes of Extreme Tiredness and Weakness to Focus On)

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Strength Training

You have to work on medium fast speedy exercises one by one which will strengthen your muscle power. Just plan the weighting step by step, on your various body parts in a justified proportion. This will help you out to have control on your exercise plan & will keep you fit & healthy.  Moreover, you could choose aerobics workouts as a back support. It will make your body energetic & will keep your heart safe. It would be preferred if you do aerobics for about 15 to 30 minutes in a week. (Read: 7 Fat Burning Exercises to Lose Belly Fat Fast – Fitness Tips)

Diet Plan

Involve 55% complex carbohydrates (like almonds, whole grains, rice, vegetables) in your daily diet. Add 30% healthy protein (egg, meat, supplementation like Nutrilite Protein) & approx 15% olive oil, walnut, and Alsi leaf to fetch your body with beneficial fats. Additionally, pay more attention to beans, fruits, whole grains and other green leafy vegetables. These women are found with high protein intake, but excessive protein intake could be harmful too. The reason lies behind the fact that it entertains loss of calcium, which results in the reduction of bone density & the chances of osteoporosis also grow up.

You are advised to strictly avoid trans-fats, baked cool meat, dairy products, sweet deserts, packed foods, and chips etc. (Read: Factual Brief about Need & Importance of WATER in our Body)

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2. Medium Body Structure (Mesomorph): Diet and Exercise Plan

The women with such body tone are observed with fast weight gain, but the interesting thing to know is that it reduces back with the same speed if you choose proper diet and exercise plan. Generally, these ladies have heavy hands and fluffy legs or thighs but still, they find it easy to do their household chores energetically. In addition to it, their height might be more than the ratio of their weight, but muscles are responsible for that rather than to blame the body type. (Read: 10 Tips to improve your memory and increase concentration)

Your fitness plan for such body structure should work out for 45 to 60 minutes. You should focus largely on giving shape to muscles and keep them fit & healthy. Go for speedy cardio exercise for 20 to 30 minutes a week which will strengthen the muscles. Along with this, go for some training for strengthening of the bunch of muscles.

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Strength Training

As you have to work majorly on the reduction of your tummy, so you have to focus on special exercises to strengthen the core of the body. Moreover, for achieving a slim and fit personality body batch, you could also do aerobics in a planned way. Go for at least 30 minutes of aquatic aerobics 3 times a day. Moreover, hoop workouts and rope jumping could give the best results. (Read: 4 simple weight loss tips without Dieting)

Diet Plan

Your diet specific food is somewhat similar to the diet plan for Small Body Structure. We found that only the percentage of intake varies. It consists of 45% complex carbohydrates (like almonds, whole grains, rice, vegetables) in your daily diet. Plus, 35% healthy protein (egg, meat, Nutrilite Protein supplement) & approx 20% beneficial fats (olive oil, walnut, and Alsi leaf) should be consumed to fetch your body. (Read: Importance & Judgement Technique for a good protein sources…)

Diet and nutritional experts always suggest 3 small foods shots consisting of high-quality protein and complex carbohydrates. You can have fruits, almonds, yogurt, and dry nuts & snacks in the middle of your food. Reduce the consumption of refined carbs (products that are made up of sugar and Menda) because they deposit fat in your body which obviously gives birth to weight gain.


3. Large Body Structure: Diet and Exercise Plan

These types of ladies have wider shoulders than their hips. Moreover, their lower body parts such as stomach, hips, thighs, etc have a tendency to deposit abundant fat.

Ladies, you need a structured weight loss or fitness plan which is nutritionally balanced & easy to follow. Plus, you have to get up early morning and tell yourself “I can do this”. You need to work out for at least 1 hr daily & have to follow the rotational exercise. Plus, women with large body tone women should follow a strict diet and exercise plan. They should focus on destroying the deposition of fat around the body rather than collecting it for the later crucial stage. For this part of body structures, all together workout is more beneficial. (Read: Heart disease risk factor and its In-depth relationship with Cholesterol)


Strength Training- Yoga & Cardio

Yoga will play a crucial role in uplifting your weight related problems in this case. Moreover, you should attach yourself on this International Yoga Day, i.e, 21st June. Practice some of the yoga asanas like dhanur-asana, naukasana, bhujang-asana or pawan mukt-asana. Finally end your session with shav-asana and Pranayam for few minutes. It is suggested to do these asanas under the observation of experts as such women are more prone to get hurt.

Talking about cardio, women with such large body structures needs cardio more than any other body structure types. A good cardio must consist of quick walk, and stretching of back, hips and shoulder muscles. Rotating your neck, bending town and touching your toe, spot jogging, shoulder shrugs, etc. These all will help you make your joints and muscles stronger and active. Do cardio exercise nearly daily for around 40-45 minutes by choosing exercises that are fun. (Read: 4 outstanding ways to Live a Stress free life..!!)

Actually, our body gives good response to exercise and keeping a positive thought for your body makes it develop more quick.

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Diet Plan

Women with such body type faces high weight gain problem and hence, your diet should contain vitamins and minerals in abundance along with lesser fats. Moreover, it’s tough for you to reduce weight in this case. You should keep yourself away from the high calorie foods and excess sugar based food products. (Read: Do you consume good fats OR the bad fats.? Know the “Facts about Fats”)

This diet plan consists of 30% complex carbohydrates (like almonds, whole grains, rice, vegetables) in your daily routine. Plus, 45% healthy protein (egg, meat, Nutrilite Protein supplement) & approx 25% beneficial fats (olive oil, walnut, and Alsi leaf) should be consumed to fetch your body.

healthy meal plan - healthy food

Hide yourself from all sugars and cereal carbs like white wheat products, pasta, white rice, and potatoes. These all raises blood sugar level at a higher speed which results in awakening of insulin hormones.

Do not keep yourself hungry. Just distribute your diet food in small-small parts and keep something to eat close to you for consuming in every 2-3 hours.

A proper diet and exercise plan will help you keep hold on diabetes, osteoporosis, heart attacks and many more chronic diseases that are liable to happen in this body type.

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