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The Ultimate Guide to Sources & Health Benefits of Vitamin D

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In today’s fast forward lifestyle, the Vitamin D deficiency is becoming very common but – beware my friends, this is not a problem to be taken lightly. It leads to various problems in our body & hence we have to face severe health challenges every now and then. Therefore, Ezyshine has come up with this ultimate guide to the Vitamin D foods and surprising health benefits of Vitamin D.

ultimate guide to the health benefits of vitamin d

The first thing that strikes in the mind when we talk about Vitamin D is – Sunlight. We remain quite relaxed that our body is getting Vitamin D but according to the study which was held last year; more than 70% of Indians are having lack of Vitamin D. This study also reveals the truth that this loss is found in both the rural and urban areas.

Experts believe that the symptoms of Vitamin D do not reflect instantly & hence, a person fails to know the reason behind the loss of vitamin D on time. That’s why it is suggested to get your Vitamin D tested at regular intervals of time along with the consumption of Vitamin D foods. (Read: Want to improve Calcium absorption to maintain bone health ?? Add Magnesium & Vitamin D Intake)

vitamin d health guide

Doctor Sanjay K. Rai, Additional Professor from Centre of Community Medicine, AIMS (New Delhi), says that “It is surprising that majority of the Indians are not aware of the loss of Vitamin D, but the even more surprising thing is that they do not even know the role of Vitamin D in proper functioning of their physical activities. People need to understand that initially there are no such symptoms of Vitamin D & so, it becomes tough to measure the depth of this problem.”

Everyone knows the health benefits of Vitamin D and even lot many of us are consuming it as recommended by our doctors. So, where are we lagging behind between all this? Let’s discuss in detail on a brief note. (Read: Importance & Judgement Technique for a good protein sources…)

sunshine vitamin d - health benefits

What is Vitamin D?

Now before we discuss the health benefits of Vitamin D along with its food sources, we should first know what we are talking about.  Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin & it is important for healthy muscles, strong bones & general health balances. Vitamin D is a combination of pro hormone which is received from sunlight, various food products and quality supplements. It keeps a human body fit and active through various chemical compositions. You can measure the active quantity of vitamin D in your body through the process of calcitriol.

It is also known as the sunshine vitamin because naturally we receive this vitamin through exposure to sunlight. Moreover, it also plays a major role in your immune system or the defence system of your body. The health benefits of Vitamin D including the slowing down of growing immunity & autoimmunity, control over diabetes mellitus, colon, prostate or breast cancer. Even the health experts suspect that low levels of vitamin D raises the risk of getting prone to chronic generative diseases such as multiple sclerosis, high BP, osteoporosis & cancer. (Read: Myths & Facts about caffeine addiction and health side effects)

sunlight health benefits - vitamin d infographics

Reasons for loss of Vitamin D

My friends! Approximately 75% of the total amount of Vitamin D that we need to consume daily can be fulfilled by the direct sunlight. In fact, some results also state that more than 80% of what our body gets- is received through sunlight.

“If you’re going to get it from the sun, about 20 to 25 minutes of exposure is helpful,” states Stephen Honig, MD, director of the Osteoporosis Centre at the Hospital for Joint Diseases, in New York City.

Vitamin D deficiency has severe health consequences in bulk, especially for children & adults. Moreover, the risk for vitamin D deficiency is very high in people above 60 years of age. The reason behind this lies in the fact that people have adopted such a lifestyle pattern in which their body do not get exposure to sunlight. They use to work and live indoors most of the time and when they have to somehow go out in the sun, they apply sunscreen due to fear of dark complexion or skin burn. (Read: 10 Ways to Stay Healthy and Fit – Healthy Lifestyle Tips)

vitamin chart - healthy benefits - sources and causes of vitamins

“If you put a sunscreen on with a sun protection factor of 30, it reduces your ability to make vitamin D in your skin by about 95-98 %. But I always recommend sun protection on your face. Often, a broad-brimmed hat is by far even a better way of doing it rather than having to put a chemical on your face. But it’s certainly important to protect your face.” – By Dr. Michael Holick, Author of the Book “The Vitamin D Solution”.

Additionally, habits of eating junk foods or not consuming foods high in Vitamin D also give birth to Vitamin D deficiency. Hence, the daily desk job routine, or covering yourself with a scarf while you are out in the sun; results in Vitamin D deficiency. (Read: The Best Diet and Exercise Plan to Keep You Fit & Healthy)

Risk Factors Behind

  • Age & Weight
  • Kidney and Liver related problems
  • Kayastic Fibrosis
  • Consuming HIV/AIDS-related medications

vitamin d sources and health benefits

How to stop or overcome this Problem?

Indian Council of Medical Research has suggested consuming 400 IU on the daily basis through your diet or food supplements. We say about the multiple health benefits of Vitamin D in our body as in

Blood circulation, muscle movement, heart-related works, infections and other diseases. It helps in protecting our body by fulfilling the need of essential Vitamin. But sadly, a general Indian diet fulfils only 10-15% of the actual need of Vitamin D.

signs that you need vitamin d - health benefits

Tips to get sufficient Vitamin D / Foods high in Vitamin D

To know and experience the health benefits of Vitamin D, you have to follow a healthy food plan also. Check out these common yet best tips & sources of Vitamin D:

  • Direct Sunlight, milk or milk products, egg & seafood
  • Vitamin D food supplements (like Nutrilite CalMagD) & fortified Vitamin D products
  • Sit for at least 30 minutes daily under the sun. You could enjoy under sun early morning as that time UV rays are more as compared to the later rise of time.
  • Those who have fair skin tone should choose to sit in direct sunlight for 2-3 times a week. Whereas, people with dark skin complexion could go for 3-6 times a week. (Read: 10 Skin Care Tips for Men – Healthy & Glowing Skin)
  • The pure vegetarian women should have fortified foods or supplements in their diet for sure. Plus, get the levels of Vitamin D checked at regular intervals.
  • Women should focus on weight loss because that is directly linked to the loss of vitamin D in your body.

sources of vitamin d - health benefits

Health benefits of Vitamin D in contrast with Diabetes

In India, there are various reasons of getting prone to diabetes where diet system, environmental pollution and heavy weight are one of the major reasons.  This takes birth by unhealthy living standards, growing urbanization, unhealthy eating.

Some of the reasons are unaware from us. According to many scientific evidences, sunlight makes Vitamin D3 in our skin which is capable of controlling problems like diabetes. Vitamin D deficiency also affects the process of insulin in your body, which may increase the chances of type 2 diabetes. (Read: 5 Healthy Brain Food Breakfast Recipes for Brain Boosting)

Health benefits of Vitamin D in contrast with Heart Health

According to researchers & health specialists, many patients go through a heart attack all of a sudden. We have found that loss of vitamin D also results in health related problems. Those people who are more prone to heart problems, they should get their Vitamin D tested so that you could know the health challenge by the time. (Read: Steps to have a healthy heart – Way to Balance and the Risk factor behind..!!!)

vitamin d for the heart

Health benefits of Vitamin D in contrast with Child in a Womb

In their pregnancy, women should have a balanced intake of Vitamin D in their diet. Vitamin D deficiency may lead to breathlessness of your child inside your womb. Moreover, it may also affect the bones of skull and legs of our child. (Read: Calcium Health Benefits for Women – Women’s Health Guide)

Health benefits of Vitamin D in contrast with Kidney

Deficiency of Vitamin D also affects your kidney. This is the reason that parents should encourage their children to go & play outside. Involve your kids to eat healthy food filled with vitamin D. Add supplements in their food to improve their bone density. (Read: Do you consume good fats OR the bad fats.? Know the “Facts about Fats”)


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