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The Ultimate Guide to Sources of Calcium – Calcium Rich Foods

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Do you like having medicines regularly? Forget it! Slowly and gradually during your treatment, you start hating your basic medications. It’s Ok! If you hate eating medicines. We do have various calcium-rich foods available that we can consume and fulfill the daily need of Calcium intake.

calcium rich foods - healthy living

Actually, we have already discussed the Calcium Health Benefits for Women in our previous article which clearly describes why women require more calcium as compared to men in their day to day life. Along with the health benefits of Calcium, Ezyshine has also covered a wide range of research & expert reports from health-related organizations.

Additionally, we had also discussed the absolute sources of calcium in short. So, in continuation to the above article, we are going to talk about the calcium rich foods that you always love to eat.

calcium rich foods - sources of calcium

Talking about Calcium & It’s Need

Calcium is one of the nutrients that build up and maintaining strong bones. It works perfectly when taken in synchronization with Vitamin D as it helps in proper Calcium absorption. Calcium rich foods along with calcium supplements (sometimes) can keep the Calcium balance in your body.

need of calcium

Plus, Doctor always tells you that consume calcium as much as possible to keep your bones happy and smiling but there is an interesting fact that needs to be shared with you all. Apart from getting healthy bones, calcium health benefits can be experienced in fulfilling the needs of our heart, muscles, blood, nerves, and other body essentials. Calcium is even necessary for your heart beats too.

So, my dear friends! Do not underestimate the power of calcium to keep your body charged and healthy.

food that contain calcium

Do you face problem in Digesting Milk? An Important Factor to Know

Milk is known to be the good source of nutrition that supplies protein, minerals and vitamins to your whole body. There is a sugar found in milk, known as Lactose. Many of us have the incapability to digest the lactose sugar found in milk or milk products. You even might face some problems like uneasiness whenever you consume dairy products like milk or cheese. In this case, you must see the doctor for sure as this lactose would deposit in your intestines and might result in gastric problems along with abdominal pain.

In southern parts of India, about 72% of the population suffers this problem, whereas, more than 30% of Eastern India carries this problem.

Check out this Ultimate Guide to some Calcium rich foods collected by Ezyshine and ensure a healthy living!

benefits of calcium

 1. Dairy Products

Considering the case of lactose Intolerance by your body as we discussed above, your body might be able to consume a small amount of lactose. Hence, for a lesser amount of lactose consumption, you must prefer curd from all the milk products. It’s one of the best calcium rich foods that should be consumed in routine if you are purely dependent on the curd.

You could also go for cheese as it carries a proportion of Lactose. Keep in mind that their consumption should be controlled as access consumption could be problematic.

dairy products. cheese, milk, sour cream

2. Fresh Veggies & Fruits

I am sure your parents have always been encouraging you to eat green vegetables. Yeah! They contain various essential nutrients and hence, they are a huge source of calcium too. Increasing the intake of green veggies in your diet could be the other way out to achieve calcium supplementation.

These green vegetables are known as the powerhouse of calcium. It also includes broccoli, cauliflower, etc in the category of healthy veggies.


3. Tulsi & Ajwain

Talking about Herbs, then Tulsi leaves or Ajwain (Celery) leaves are the panacea to all the problems of calcium. These herbs are generally available in every home. Tulsi is known for its antibiotic properties & for its freshness.

If you don’t have ajwain patta then, have a spoonful of Ajwain seeds. Sprinkle these ingredients in the salad, food, soups, drinks & non-veg.

Benefits And Nutrition Of Ajwain (carom seeds) For Health

tulsi - rich in calcium

4. Bajra, Ragi & Sabudana

Bajra, Ragi (Millet) and sabudana (Tapioca) are the best calcium rich foods that can fulfill the need of Calcium in our body. Ragi & bajra flour is high in calcium, iron, proteins & fiber with the least amount of fat.  It controls the weight, cools down the temperature of the body & keeps diabetes under control. Make healthy delicious cuisine & enjoy your day with taste & health.

cereals - calcium sources

Sabudana too is the good source of calcium. Osteoporosis and other bone conditions can be prevented by adding sabudana in the diet. But before using sabudana, you must know that it is weight gain food.

sabudana - calcium rich food

5. Almonds

Intake of Almonds can complete your requirement of calcium. Do Soak the almonds at least for 4-5 hrs before eating them. Soaked almonds gain the nutrition values. Almond contains 264mg in 100gm. It is a complete health packet full of Iron, Magnesium & Calcium.

almonds - calcium in almonds almonds - calcium rich foods

6. Fermented Foods – Calcium Rich Foods

Fermented foods are also calcium rich foods. Fermentation increases the healthy gut bacteria which helps in boosting immune system & cell development & are the good source of Vitamin K1 & K2. Foods like dosa, idli, Kimchi, yogurt & many other are loaded with probiotics which help in digestion of the food.

fermented foods - calcium rich food

7. Soy Milk

Soy milk can also beat the requirement of calcium in our body. It contains 165mg calcium per 100gm. It has the same amount of protein as cow’s milk.

soy milk - calcium rich foods

8. Tofu

Tofu is just like paneer made up of soy milk. We know tofu as protein bomb, but it is also a good source of dietary calcium. It minimizes the risk of heart disease & controls the level of cholesterol. You can use tofu just like panner. Use it in salads, main course vegetables or as starters like paneer tikka & chilly panner. (Read: Health benefits of Tofu on BBC )

health benefits of tofu

9. Figs

Anjeer (Common Fig) is a tasty fruit that has multiple health benefits. It falls in the category of calcium rich foods that is preferred to be consumed daily after lunch and dinner as it improves digestion & helps in weight loss. It is a great source of fiber, potassium & other vitamins & minerals. It can fulfill the requirement of calcium to some extent.

health benefits of figs

10. Sesame

You will be shocked to know that sesame seeds have 975mg calcium per 100gms. It is not only rich in calcium but full of copper, magnesium, zinc & dietary fiber. Due to its richness it minimizes the risk of bones & make the bones & teeth strong.

Sprinkle them on your food & you’ll love its crunchiness & taste. You can also have Til Gud Laddo. Or, if you do not like sweets, then you could opt for the vegetable salad or fresh soup made of Til.


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