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Things to Keep in Mind Before Buying Used Cars & Gadgets

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It’s true that buying used car is more complicated and tough job than the new one. In fact, this funda applies to furniture, gadgets and almost every second-hand items that you might be willing to opt. But the question arises here that why to choose used items & not to opt for brand new cars or gadgets thinking about reliability or their warranty?

In this context, when I asked my friend who is working in an IT firm, he said, “I earn Rs. 25000/month and I need to take a laptop urgently that I can’t afford right now. So keeping my financial position in mind, I choose to buy a temporary second-hand laptop that cost my only Rs. 15000. Is it a bad idea?”


Not at all, I Guess!!

One thing important here is that buying second-hand gadgets or cars will cost you approximately 30% less than the first-hand items. Plus, another reason for buying used cars could be that for what purpose you need a car, or who will be at the driving seat! You might want it just for your business tours or maybe use it as a taxi service at the free time. You could also be selecting it because you first need to clean your hands on the driver seat and then later, you may choose for the first-hand car.

Friends! India is one of the biggest markets where buying used cars or second-hand bikes, gadgets, furniture, and other durable products are common means of trade. It’s the growing hot market with huge demand for various 2nd hand products buyers and sellers spread all around.

inspection of old cars

In this context, various online and offline trade shops have been actively working to provide you the best services. They help you to experience the best deal without being cheated by the sellers about the wrong cost or condition of the vehicles. Some of the top market traders are www.cartrade.com, www.carwale.com, www.motortrend.in, etc. All such websites and retail stores will play a role of an expert guide while making the final selection.

When you plan for buying used cars or any other homely items, then you first choose to do an in and out search about the product. Whatever you choose, it could prove to be in your favor or against your expectations. For all this, you need to know some knowledgeable things to keep in mind before buying used cars & gadgets.

Ezyshine has put up those helpful points separately driving you through the key points and tips for buying second-hand items.

Wish you a Good deal!

before buying used cars

Tips before buying used cars

1. Examine the car

  • Before buying used cars examine either car met with any accident or not.
  • Check the color & shape of the car, make sure there is no fading or mismatching of the color.
  • Open shut the door again & again to verify their working.
  • Have a look at the bonnet and trunk(dikki) of the car too.
  • Usually, car repairing is done with some filler & the whole car is made of metal sheet. So magnet can inspect the car closely.
  • Avoid the cars that have been involved in an accident.
  • Closely check the uneven wear of the tires, so that it won’t pinch your pockets & time later.
  • Scrutinize the engine to ensure the oil leakage.

check the car before buying secondhand cars

2. Go for Test Drive

The test drive will make you feel, that the car is fit for you or not.

  • Check the voice of the engine & body while enjoying the test drive.
  • Move your hand on staring too for the smooth drive. Jerks in steering can lead problems for you in future.
  • Sometimes speedometer doesn’t show the real status of the car because of some wicked manipulations. So before buying used cars, gaze carefully on the knob of the gear, mileage recorder, steering wheel, clutch & brake paddle.
  • If the clutch & brake paddles are not in good conditions or making noise, that means the speedometer is not showing the accurate km.
  • Inspect all the lights & instrumental panels finely so that you won’t have to do expenses on it.

things to check before buying cars

3. Focus on Paper Work

  • Examine the chassis no. and engine no. of the car with the RC book of the car. It is issued by the RTO. Check all the details like date of registration, name on which it is issued etc.
  • Verify the car insurance paper & service book.
  • If you are buying the car from some other state, then you must scan the NOC papers.
  • Before buying used cars, check whether the car is ever been stolen or registered under any previous criminal records.

things to keep in mind before buying used gadgets

 Secondhand Gadgets Guide

  • If you are looking to buy a secondhand washing machine, then examine its functionality properly. Its drainage system, washing tub, on-off buttons, timers & dryers are working fully or not.
  • Smartly keep an eye on the exchange offers that the brands offer. Exchange your old gadgets with the new smart ones. You can even save your savings by getting high discounts & reusing your old stuff.

exchange offers

  • Buying a used laptop or computer? Explore its hard disk properly. If it is making the sound, then surely its fan is not in good position. Make sure it fits your needs & specifications. Before taking out your wallet, match the prices with the internet. It will help you to make a fair deal.
  • Don’t let your smartphone turn into an expensive paperweight. Before buying the secondhand smartphone, flow your fingers on the screen & keypad.

secondhand gadgets - ezyshine

  • While you get ready to buy anything second hand, you must do a thorough research about that particular product, online as well as in the market. This will give you a complete idea about the pricing.
  • You must need to read the internet review of that gadget before you buy it so as to know that what actual problems you might face after you receive it second handed. You can even ask questions from online experts like yahoo or other customer care websites too.

smartphones - things to keep in mind

  • You must be having a network of friends and relatives or social media networks. Just take the technical or reliability experience of someone of them who has already used that smartphone that you are going to buy. This will help you to know the positive and negative sides of the gadget in advance.
  • If you have decided to buy a secondhand smartphone, then please check the EMIE number of your mobile to make sure that the particular mobile has not been stolen.

Have fair & safe deals..!!!

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