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Time Management Tips

July 14, 2013 11:30 am Published by 6 Comments
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Are you up by your pending works??
All work are going in haphazard manner??
Its time to focus on

Effective time management is a primary means to a less stressful life. These practices can help you to reduce your stress. Time
management emphasise the need for more focused and simple implementation including the approach of “Going with the
Flow”. Time management is a necessity in any project development as it determines the project completion time and scope.
Effective time management will help you to get more work done easily and in an efficient way each day. By managing your time
you can minimize your stress and lead a healthy life.time is money

Time management strategies include principles such as :
“Get Organized”
“Protect Your Time”
“Achieve through Goal management Goal Focus”
“Recover from Bad Time Habits”

Here are some tips to manage your time :

# Plan you routine
Planning your day can help you out to feel relaxed. Keep a schedule of your daily activities to minimize conflicts and last-minute

# analysis
This technique is very helpful in business management. It is categorised in three layers.. A, B and C
These layers are categorised according to priority of work.
A – Tasks that are perceived as being urgent and important,
B – Tasks that are important but not urgent,
C – Tasks that are neither urgent nor important.management at office

# Set time Limits for your tasks
If you have a pile of work, then set your work time limit. Set time limits for completing most tasks. Some people successfully use
an egg timer to help them stay on schedule.

#Divide the work into smaller parts
If you have lengthy work, then divide it into manageble chunks, so that you will feel easy to complete it. Whenever you will start
that work next day your time wont get wasted in figuring out where you were yesterday and what to start now.

# Take breaks during work
Taking breaks will help you out to work more in an effective way. Continous working will make you tired and stressed. so in
between of your work do some quick streches or take a walk around your dealership. after a break you will feel fresh and more
focused on your work.

Happy days are back again… !!!

 Have Faith and you can DO it.

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