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Tips to become a Successful Freelancer

February 12, 2014 11:44 pm Published by 1 Comment
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Are you fed up of doing daily up downs of the office..?? Is working daily in office bothering you.??

If you are talented and can work better without any guidance, then you can become a successful freelancer. The trend of freelancing is growing throughout the world. To work as a freelancer, you have to make some changes in the way of you working.freelancing tips you must know

Here are some tips to become a successful freelancer, which will not only give you the name but will give you the handful of earning.

1. Do finish your work on time

To become your own boss, punctuality and proper planning are needed.  To become a successful freelancer, work should get complete on time. This habit helps in maintaining the dignity and truthfulness of the person.  Maintain the work schedule properly and follow it strickly. Don’t forget. Clients love to work with those people who are punctual and values the time. This helps in maintaining the image as a professional.manage time to become a successful freelancer

2. Always give best results

Most of the  freelancers fail or lack behind because they forget to focus on the quality work. It doesn’t mean that you are the freelancer, so nobody is there to say anything to you. Small mistakes are avoidable, but this kind of  continous behaviour can lead a wrong and bad impact on your career.  You can frame your image only through quality work.impressive_results for successful freelancer

3.  Loads of work

Freelancers always look for work. Due to this sometimes they take loads of work. But they don’t get the time to accomplish the task which leaves a black mark on their performance. If you don’t have time, then you can deny for the projects. The client won’t get angry at this, but he’ll appreciate the professional way.loads of work .. successful tips

4. Invest in technology

Don’t be miser in purchasing the productive tools. Its not the expenses, but it’s the investment which is fruitful in freelancing. If a software can reduce your workload and can increase your productivity then go for it. The freelancer should purchase those tools which helps at present. If you are purchasing any software for future use, then stop.. It will become outdated in future, as technology changes everyday. With this you need to update yourself with the technology, so that you can compete in the market.invest in technology

5. Keep an eye on the expenses

Freelancer doesn’t get tax free allowances like company employess. But don’t worry you can also get the tax exemption on fare, journey, rent, car EMI, Equipment maintenance, Internet, telephone, newspaper and stationery. All you need is to keep an eye on all these expenses.expenses tracking

6.  Use social media

Social media not only helps in maintaining a network with your friends, employess, clients. But also helps in increasing business contacts and networking. You can use this medium to show your talent to the clients. If you can’t make the website, then start your blog.Social Media

7. Work on fare rates

There is tough competition in the market. So if you work at low prices, it leaves an impact between the people that you are somewhere compromising with the quality of work. To get more work, don’t compromise with the price. Take projects on fare rates. It might could happen that you’ll less work, but for sure you’ll get good and regular projects. So, this is the most important tip to become a successful freelancer.reasonable rates for freelancer

8.  Save your income

Freelancing is that type of profession in which sometimes you earn handful of money in a month, but sometimes gets very less. So running your livelihood can become a major task for that month. So try to avoid Extravagance. This money can be used in bad times in the future.save money

The increasing influence of technology has given a new dimension to Freelancing

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