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10 Tips to improve your memory and increase concentration

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It’s said that “Once something gets stored in the brain, then we never forget it. Rather, we might have difficulty in recalling the information. Memory and concentration are said to work together.

tips to improve your memory and increase concentration

 Plus, a strong memory of the person depends on the health and vitality of your brain. 
So, there are many tricks and tips to improve your memory skills and increase concentration.
How to improve your memory – Big Question..????  
Is it something usual that you generally forgot to remember things & finds it difficult to recall it..??
My friends, I am taking the needy point about Exams. It’s high time for the Exams. They are really close.
 If you feel like you will forget the things you have learnt at the time of exam, then here are some cool tips to improve your memory power and increase concentration.

1. Quick calculation in mind before billing

When you go for shopping, then before going to the billing counter for the things you have borrowed, just calculate the total amount to be paid in your mind. This would help you out in increasing your calculation skill and hence, will help to improve your memory. mind calculation for improving memory and increasing concentration

2. Playing Board Games

Are you fond of playing board games..?? I am sure you are not…!! Let me tell you the reason behind it. Friends, these kinds of games are such challenging games that improve your memory by sharpening your state of mind. So, if someone invites you for the same, then go for it. It really works..!! playing board games - improve your memory tips

3. Try remembering the contact numbers Orally

 You might be having lot many of friends and relatives that must be in your telephonic contact and you must be having conversation with them daily. I would suggest you to try remembering those numbers orally which would directly help you in improving your short and long term memory.
You can also  use “Chunking” method to remember the number. i.e., break the number into pieces and remember it.  
For Example – If the number is 8804623834, then remember it as 880 462 3834 mind calculation for improving memory

4. Exercise More

Various medical studies and expert bloggers have said that doing regular & proper exercise improve your memory. Moreover, it encourages the growth of new brain cells in the area of the brain which is important for learning and remembering things. This part is known as “hippocampus”. Also, add yoga to increase concentration and focus as your daily routine.  Smiling young woman doing stretching exercise.

5. Underline the Important part

 If you are habitual of reading books, or you are a student and you are surrounded by books (by default), underline the main paragraph or the important part of the chapter. Also, write down somewhere in points that what you have learnt from it. This will improve your brain skills to remember.

Highlighted Section of Book

6. Try to learn vocabulary in Reverse

 This could be quite interesting thing to do. Even you could do that as a part of game when you are in a group of friends. Try to speak and learn the vocabulary in reverse order. This could prove to be an effective way to improve your memory & memory loss treatment.
You will be facing difficulty in starting for sure, but finally you will learn it by practicing. As you know “Practice makes the man perfect”.

vocabulary - tips to improve your memory

7. Recall your DO’s at Night about the whole day

 It could prove to be very beneficial for students. When you finish up with the day and go to sleep, then just recall what all you studied or what all you did since morning. This would help you to enhance your memory and will give you a revision about your subject too.recall at night to improve memory

8. Solve Crossword Puzzles

You can find these crossword puzzles everywhere. In newspapers, Magazines, and moreover in your multimedia mobile phone. Rather than playing useless and time consuming games in your cell, you can download such puzzles and riddles in your smart phone & play them in your spare time. This will give you a useful break from your work or studies and hence, it will sharpen your memory too.Solving crossword

9. Read Newspaper on Daily basis

 Keep yourself up to date about what is going on around you. What is the latest topic of conversation or concern going on in your nation? What are the adventures happening around the globe. Knowledge is endless and it’s everywhere. You just have to move a step ahead to know the fact. That’s it…!! 
Read the newspaper daily and that will definitely help you improve your memory along with your knowledge.

men reading newspaper to increase concentration

10. Quit Smoking

 It has been experimentally proved that non-smokers have good memorizing power than smokers.
A test was organized in a College of London. It was found that the smokers scored 59% in the test, & on the other hand, non-smokers scored 80% out of it“. So, if you are a smoker then keep in mind my friends, memory could get significant damage by the passage of time.quit_smoking_life_is_beautiful
At the end, I would like to add that if you keep these tips to improve your memory skills and I am pretty sure that you could take care of your brain and your memory. For more good and instant results, add minerals or vitamin supplements in your diet. This could prove to be wonder results in improving your memory and increase concentration while studying.
Stay sharp & Good Luck in your Exams..!!
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Shivam Agarwal
Nutritional Health Consultant

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