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5 Tips to Protect your Data from Hackers

March 28, 2014 6:41 pm Published by Leave your thoughts
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Many a times, it’s heard by your close ones that their email ID or Facebook account has been hacked. The question that has arises here how to protect your online data from being hacked? What could be the best possible way that one could keep the data secure from the reach of expert hackers?
Friends, whatever you do on Internet, is being monitored continuously by someone from somewhere. In this case, you need to seriously take a strict action for how to protect your data from hackers. Simply follow these tips to protect your data from hackers – tips to protect your data from hackers

1. Use Encrypted emails:

Whenever you send a confidential or important message to someone, then you could simply encrypt the message. I will tell you how. There is some encryption websites ( http://infoencrypt.com ) used to encrypt any particular message. When you put your message on an encrypted website, then you get your message encrypted such that a password gets generated for that particular message. Now all you have to do is, that simply tell this password to the person who is going to receive that message via email. Then, only he can read the email. It’s one of safest and best tips to protect your data from hackers

encrypted mail to protect the data from hackers

2. Saving data on cloud and its protection:

With the advancement in technology, we use to store our data and important files directly on cloud (GOOGLE DRIVE, DROP BOX), rather than keeping it in external hard disk. Likewise, you could access data from anywhere in the world. This is good enough at one point, but DID YOU KNOW THAT the HACKERS do keep an eye on the data available on cloud. Not to worry friends..!!
I have a solution to this problem so that you could protect your data….  Simply DOWNLOAD free software (cloudfogger.com) in your laptop or pc. This will simply convert your data into ENCRYPTED form before it gets stored in the cloud. You could DECRYPT the data later on when required. 

saving data on cloud

3. Don’t create an Email Account Even: 
You must be wondering how you can send any email if you did not even create an account..!!
Yes…. It’s possible my friends. This is one of the best tips to protect your data from hackers If you want to send some confidential message, then rather than making use of GMAIL, YAHOO or MSN; you could simply make use of such email services (such as anonymouse.orgsilentsender.com) which sends your email without creating the account. This way your location and your identity remains a mystery. For making it easier and safer, you can even encrypt the message and use this email services. silentsender to protect data from hackers

4. Ten minutes Email Service:

If you wish that your email stands for a very short duration on Internet, then you can simply make use of “10 minute email” service. It’s one of the new ways to protect your data from hackers. In this case, once you have sent the email, it will be present there for 10 minutes only and after that account will get deleted automatically. Isn’t safe and cooool….!!!!! tools for managing email and to protect it from hackers

5. Use Client Email Software Applications: 

Rather than saving your confidential email messages on Gmail or yahoo mails, you could download and save your data in email software’s like Windows Outlook & Mozilla Thunderbird. This could help you secure data from a security breachsecure your email with email clients for windows
Friends, apart from this, there are some common key tips that we should always keep in mind while making use of Internet. 
  • First thing first. Keep a good & updated ANTIVIRUS in your system for better processing.
  • Secondly, keep the PRIVACY settings “ON” of your web browser. This action will guide you to access only those websites which make use secure server layers.
  • Do not try to create account on every WEBSITE. This might help anyone to easily make your FAKE profile by using your personal details on that website. Even, the hackers might find it easy to crack information about you.
  • Use good & reputed websites for instant MESSAGING & VIDEO chats.antivirus to protect the data
These were some expert tips to protect your data from hackers. So, keep your data secure by following the above key points and I am sure you will go through the “Internet Stuff” at ease.
Stay Safe..!! Good Luck..!!

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