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Top 10 Romantic Honeymoon Destinations Outside India – Ezyshine

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Hold your keypad and hunt for the most romantic honeymoon destinations around the globe!

Yeahhhh…!!! You gotta go to foreign lands for this memorable time in a budget friendly trip! We have munched up some cool and sexy honeymoon destinations for your ease. All you need to do is relax and enjoy the cozy moments of you two!

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Unless it’s mad, passionate, and extraordinary love, it is a waste of your time! There are too many mediocre things in life & love shouldn’t be one of them.

If you are searching for romantic honeymoon adventures in India with a lot of adventure around you, then visit our previous post that clearly mentions the selective romantic honeymoon destinations in India. Now, going abroad for the honeymoon is the new thing now. But planning a trip abroad and that too for the special days might prove to be really heavy on your pocket. (Read: Top 5 Romantic Honeymoon Destinations in India)

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Who says there aren’t enough budget-friendly international trips from India? In this changing time with changing thought, every 10 out of 8 people dreams of celebrating this special honeymoon vacation outside India. We never know when the world will end. So, keep up the spirit of traveling through the world at the special occasions! (Read: A Perfect Honeymoon Packing Checklist for Bride – Ezyshine)

Explore the lovable and romantic honeymoon destinations outside India just to experience the budget full adventure at your service! Speed up your plans with Ezyshine’s hot list for romantic honeymoon destinations & enjoy your time!

singapore honeymoon destination - ezyshine

1. Greece, Europe

There is something special about Greece that forced me to put it in the list of romantic honeymoon destinations. Newlyweds are always in search of spots with nature’s beauty alongwith romantic environment, and Greece has many such destinations in his belt that will lure your wishes!

romantic honeymoon - greece

Crystal clear water for water sports, peaceful locations of resorts & beaches full of sand are some of the takeaways for you as sweet memories. Plus, the Greek Islands are the world famous honeymoon destinations like Santorini, Athens, Corfu, Lesbos, etc are some of those Islands!

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2. Maldives, South Asia

This is one of the heaven for honeymooners to spend a memorable time with your better half! Maldives Islands will blow your mind with the exotic cuisines, and amazing water sports. Although, food is quite expensive but that is manageable when you are getting the most happening experience on your table!

naldives - honeymoon destinations outside india

Scuba diving is a great adventure here. Plus, you can lie down on sandy beaches with your partner and order the special sand massage.

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3. Italy, Europe

Italy is known as the home of romance and love! It has the places in real where the lighting makes your heart sing a romantic song, the sunshine falling on hills and picturing the natural scenery for you, & the cities that chants about love and romance all the time!

italy romantic honeymoon destinations - ezyshine

Enjoy your love ride through the beautiful cities like Venice with your partner! You have Tuscany, the stone villa where you can plan your stay and enjoy the art work all around you. Just open your heart and drown in the beauty of Lake Como, Amalfi coast with your love.

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4. Mauritius, East Africa

The eye catchy and stunning natural beauty of Mauritius marks it, one of the ideal romantic honeymoon destinations outside India! It is not as expensive as you might have heard; it can be a pocket-friendly plan too if you plan it wisely. The outstanding beaches, the varieties of delicious food and the body warming massage spas will give you a feeling of privacy with the romantic flow.mauritius honeymoon destination- ezyshine


The coastal roads of Mauritius will let your experience the lovable drive with your darling. Moreover, the newlyweds can opt for whale watching and visit a romantic island or cruise for a private date to energise the fun!

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5. California, United States

Explore the endless natural and fun in California. California is the place that can make you lost in its charm. From large vineyards to flawless beaches and the top snow covered mountains with lots of adventures make it perfect destination to hang out.

california romantic honeymoon destinations - ezyshine

Although, you may find this place quite expensive, but you cannot ignore the scenic beauty and romantic environment out here! Check in here to be the eye witness of a perfect honeymoon destination!

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6. Thailand, Asia

Did you plan any exotic honeymoon destination to make memories? Not yet? Not to worry! Stop thinking and land in Thailand.

thailand - honeymoon outside india

It is one of the most romantic gateways to enjoy with your sweetheart. Pristine beaches, relaxing spas, tempting Thai cuisines and the glittering temples, all these sights make Thailand a perfect scenic honeymoon destination.

When planning the trip to Thailand, you must not forget to mark Phuket, Bangkok, Krabi, Koh Samui and Hua hin.

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7. Florida, United States

Get yourself wet in the beaches of Florida. If you are in mood to explore the beaches and walk through the palm trees with hand in hand of your darling, then you must visit Florida. Enjoy the underwater kisses in Key Largo and the Horse-Drawn Carriage Ride in St. Augustine to make your trip more exciting and memorable.

florida - honeymoon destinations outside india

Florida is full of beautiful beaches and islands to get you drawn in its affinity with the colorful fishes and dolphins. Don’t forget to visit the magic kingdom of Florida i.e. Walt Disney World located in central Florida, Orlando.

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8. Singapore, Asia

Book your tickets and pack your bags, Singapore is waiting for you sweet couple. Here is so much to explore and to make memories. Thrilling light and water show at Mariana bay sands, a perfect date in the cable car between Sentosa and Mount Faber, stroll the singapore river are the magical things to do in Singapore with your lovely spouse.

singapore - honeymoon destinations

Start your day, spinning in the virgin rainforest and cuddling yourself with the breathtaking orchids. The Garden by the bay is one of the most amazing place in the singapore that you must unearth.

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9. Paris, France

Paris is considered as the most outlandish place to celebrate the love moments. “What to say about Paris, the most luxurious place, full of art, museums, palaces and obviously the unforgettable red wine”. These are the words by the visitors who went there to fill their camera with the memories. The perfect blend of , fun and love. OMG! I’m just dying to visit it once.

paris - honeymoon destination trip

For foodies & shopping freak, its heaven, tickle your taste buds with the lip smacking food and fill your bags with the trendy stuff.

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10. Switzerland, Europe

Switzerland is known as paradise on the earth. If you want to delight yourself with the white snow and the cozy arms of your darling, then this romantic honeymoon destination is ideal to make memories and get drown in the love.

romantic honeymoon destination - switzerland

Start your marriage with this alluring destination leaving your footprints on the sloppy snow lanes, taking the souvenir of rich heritage, snow clad mountains, Alpine serenity and the flavorful cuisines from Germany, France, and Italy.

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