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Top 6 Health Benefits of Cycling – Health & Fitness Tips

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To stay fit and healthy, you need to be physically active. The every first step of being active is linked to make your body move and sweat.

Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving! After all, cycling is difficult if you have to, and so easy if you want to! Moreover, studies have shown that riding a bicycle every day makes you more awesome than the general population. Also, it’s like taking simple and effective flight from sadness. Such effective health benefits of cycling do not end here itself.

health benefits of cycling

Research-based Evidence and Surveys

We have some practical evidence based on research by institutions or scientists that give an in-depth knowledge about the same.

  • According to the scientists of Stanford University, a daily routine cycling protects our skin from deadly ultraviolet rays & makes you look younger than ever. It is an advanced way of exercise that boosts up your blood circulation and also, provides an additional supply of oxygen to the skin. There are many reasons and health benefits of cycling that motivates your life for living a healthy lifestyle.


  • A study of scientists found that people scored higher on tests of memory and reasoning after 30 minutes of spinning on a stationary cycle than they did before they rode. Moreover, they completed the tests faster after pedaling.
  • According to a study done by Bristol University, people who go to their offices after cycling for a time, they are found superb in time & work management qualities.

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The famous Canadian Neuroscientist Brian Christie says, “When you pedal your bicycle, you simultaneously force more nerve cells to fire. As these neurons slowly light up, they intensify the creation of proteins & a compound which encourages the formation of new brain cells.

As a result, you the production of neurons multiplies faster, building your brain..! You also release the messengers between your brain cells so all the cells can communicate with each other for better functioning of the system.”

cycling health benefits

Health benefits of cycling can be experienced by people of any age groups. It depends on the person’s capability, stamina and the willpower in concern with the purpose of choosing cycling. You may choose to ride on steep roads, or zig-zag hills, or even on the racing tracks. In place of jogging, you could hang out on your exercise bike or your bicycle & go for a fresh morning ride. (Read: 21 Best Monsoon Health Care Tips – Monsoon Health Guide)

We say that best health benefits of cycling lies in getting a therapy for the mind and spirit. Apart from cycling health benefits, it could save your money from being spent on motorbikes or petrol tanks. Further, this activity makes you an eco-friendly person who loves and cares about the environment too.

biking health benefits

Let’s look up these few results and tips that smartly describe the health benefits of cycling at its best. Come Along and Mug It Up! 

1. Protects from Heart Diseases

One of the foreign surveys conducted by health expert concludes that daily cycling reduces the rate of heart disease by 50%. Friends, the cycling is an aerobic activity that makes your body parts work out to the core systems inside. The mobility of the postures & coordination of your joints will boost up your overall fitness. (Read: Heart disease risk factor and its In-depth relationship with Cholesterol)

The moral of the story is that if people are focussed on doing regular exercise for the constant time duration, then a reduction of approx 10,000-15,000 cases of heart attacks per year could be noticed. 

heart benefits - cycling health benefits

2. Protects Mother and Child Altogether

It has been extracted through a study by Michigan University that a pregnant lady experiences lesser pain at the time of delivery if she brings in the habit of limited cycling on the daily basis.

Although it is necessary to take the final advice by your local doctor about the same, who will first examine your present medical conditions & then provide you the final clearance. (Read: The Ultimate Guide to Sources & Health Benefits of Vitamin D)

But along with this, pregnant ladies should avoid such physical work during the initial and final stages of their pregnancy. In fact, to experience the health benefits of cycling in your special case, you could prefer to opt for indoor cycling. This will keep a control over your cycle according to the need. Plus, the surrounding temperature and atmosphere will be an add-on.

biking health benefits - cycling

3. Health Benefits of Cycling for your Kids Growth

I have often seen that many parents roaming in parks along with their kids cycling by their sides. They use to make their kids learn the base by moving with them at every step. This shows that how important is the growth and exercise of your kids to you. (Read: 5 Amazing Health Benefits of Playing Football | Fitness Tips)

My friends! It is the best exercise and fun activity for a child. It is a necessity of a growing kid to get involve in regular exercise as it is a full body workout plan. This will also increase their concentration power and will make them perform better in their academics.

health benefits of biking

4. Overlooks the problem of Sleepless Nights

Everyone is aware of the universal truth that our body needs a sleep for 7-8 hours a day. Hence, if people who could not get proper sleep due to restlessness or any other reason, then it is a matter of concern.

On this contrary, Ezyshine would like to share the interesting fact that you can have happy sleep by involving yourself in 20-30 minutes of cycling on the daily basis. It makes the balanced rhythm of your body. Cycling deactivates the effect of the stress hormone Cortisol and puts you in a deep sleep. (Read: 7 Causes of Extreme Tiredness and Weakness to Focus On)

Old age people or those who are suffering from joint pains should consult their local doctors first and then go ahead with the experts instructions. At least go for it five days in a week & enjoy the health benefits of cycling you will observe then and there.

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5. Health Benefits of Cycling for the Protection from Cancer

Those exercise who reduces the chances of cancer, mentions cycling on the top name. Just 30 minutes of cycling daily & the possibility of getting prone to any cancer becomes nil. Also, it is highly suggested for women to follow a cycling habit so as to reduce the chances of breast cancer. (Read: 6 Different Types of Tea Recipes – Health Benefits of Tea)

cycling - kids health benefits

6. Effective in Maintaining Cardiovascular Health

The amount of oxygen that we consume during cycling is approximately 10 times more than what we receive in watching TV at our home. This health benefits of cycling not only includes the strengthening of your cardiovascular system, rather, it also boosts up the capability of your lungs. Moreover, cycling enhances your heart muscles and reduces the blood fat levels. (Read: Steps to have a healthy heart – Way to Balance and the Risk factor behind..!!!)

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