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Top 7 Natural Home Remedies For High Blood Pressure

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Are you looking for natural remedies for high blood pressure? Do you want to know how to lower your high blood pressure naturally, quickly and safely? You need browse further as here is the list of top home remedies for high blood pressure. Plus, you will also come across some facts and figures that you must know in general. (Read: Low Blood Pressure Causes, Symptoms & Control – Ezyshine)

High blood pressure (Or, Hypertension) is known as a silent killer. But as you know that every disease has an antidote that is somewhere available in nature!

natural natural remedies for high blood pressure

According to the reports of WHO & other studies conducted globally, High blood pressure has been the cause of  nearly 7 million deaths globally. In addition to this, most of the adults suffers with High BP which puts them at the risk of heart attack, kidney failure, or any other heart related problems. Read: Heart disease risk factor and its In-depth relationship with Cholesterol) 

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Here are top 7 natural home remedies for high blood pressure that you can choose from. Keep reading this writing to learn more.

1. Basil

Basil is one of the delicious herbs available in many parts of the world, which go well in a range of foods. It is an anti-inflammatory food that provides healing benefits to the inflammatory diseases like bowels, or rheumatoid arthritis! This herb can help people with high blood pressure lower their blood pressure level naturally and fast. To make a remedy for high blood pressure using basil, you just need to add fresh basil into your daily diet such as casseroles, pastas, soups, and salads.

holy basil to lower the high blood pressure

2. Lemons

Lemon juice is well known for its skin care ingredients. Besides, lemon will help people with high blood pressure keep their blood vessels soft & pliable. It also helps them remove any rigidity, so their high blood pressure can be reduced.

Besides, lemon can help the users to reduce their chance of heart failure if they consume lemon juice regularly. Lemon is rich in vitamin C that is an antioxidant, which aid in neutralizing the harmful effects of the free radicals. (Read: The Ultimate Guide to Natural Remedies for Joint Pain)

lemon juice to lower the high blood pressure

3. Watermelon Seeds

The watermelon seed contains a compound that is called cucurbocitrin that can help widen the blood capillaries. In addition, these seeds will help improve the kidney functioning, so in turn reduce the blood pressure levels & help a lot with arthritis. Here are step by step instructions to make a remedy for high blood pressure by using watermelon seeds:

  • Simply, you just need to grind an equal quantity of dried watermelon seeds & poppy seeds.
  • Then, in the morning before eating, you take 1 teaspoon of this watermelon seed and poppy seed mixture.
  • Next, you take 1 teaspoon of the mixture in the evening.


4. Garlic

Both the raw & cooked garlic will help you control your high blood pressure & reduce your cholesterol levels at the same time. In addition, garlic can help you relax your blood vessels by encouraging the production of the nitric oxide & hydrogen sulfide. Here are step by step instructions to make a remedy for your high blood pressure using garlic:

  • You eat 1 or 2 crushed garlic cloves per day.
  • You can also mix 5 or 6 drops of garlic juice with 4 teaspoons of water, and then you take it 2 times a day.

garlic - natural remedies for high blood pressure

5. Banana

Banana is a commonly known fruit & is available at most of the places. Those who are suffering from High BP, can consume banana frequently to control it. Besides, banana is a great source of potassium that helps lessen the effect of sodium. To lower your high blood pressure with bananas, you just need to eat 2 bananas daily. In addition, you can try winter squash, cantaloupe, baked sweet potatoes, spinach, zucchini, currants, orange juice, raisins, and dried apricots.

Trust me guys, you will find this fruit as a naturally helpful thing for controlling high blood pressure!

banana controls high blood pressure - ezyshine

6. Coconut Water

High blood pressure sufferers need to keep their body well hydrated. If they drink 8 to 10 glasses of the clean water daily, they can reduce their high blood pressure dramatically. Coconut water particularly is very beneficial for reducing blood pressure because it is rich in magnesium, vitamin C and potassium that can aid in decreasing systolic blood pressure. Simply you can drink a glass of coconut water daily or use coconut oil while cooking.

Coconut-Water-for-High-Blood-Pressure - ezyshine

7. Celery

Celery is a high source of phytochemical 3-N-butylphthalide that can help control high blood pressure. The phthalides can help relax muscles in & around arterial walls, so creating more space as well as allowing blood to flow in with no difficulty. Simultaneously, celery may help in reducing the stress hormones, which constrict blood vessels that is one of causes of high blood pressure. Simply to reduce your high blood pressure, you just need to eat 1 stalk of celery with a glass of the water per day.

After reading the writing about top 7 natural home remedies for high blood pressure, hope that this writing is useful for you. However, it is not intended to give medical advice and it is solely for the informational purpose.

celery to lower blood pressure


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