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11 Dreamy Tropical Home Decoration Ideas to Bring Paradise

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Everyone likes to make their house a nice place to come home to. From learning how to clean a gas stove (click here to do just that!) to spending hours picking the right interior theme, we put a whole lot of effort into the place we live in. If you’re struggling to pick a theme for your home decor, why not go tropical? It’s fun, bold and certainly makes for a unique home! To help you with tropical home decoration inspiration, we’ve put together some of our favorite ideas that we think you’ll love to make every day feel like a holiday.

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1. Painted Palms

 When it comes to tropical home decoration, how can we not mention a bold, palm-print wallpaper? These leafy scenes in vibrant green are pretty popular right now – but don’t worry, they’re still very unique!

You can tailor a plant-life, tropical wallpaper to suit your tastes. From a dark green, simple repeated pattern to something a bit more ‘wild’, dotted with bright pink florals, there are a ton of options out there. Having a feature wall with such a bold wallpaper really makes a statement in a room. (Read:  7 Amazing Ways to Decorate a Florida Room With Green)

tropical painted walls - home decor

2. Keep Things Natural 

Keeping things natural is a great way to bring tropical home decoration into your house. The first way to do this is through accents of natural wood. This can be used for your flooring, for chests of drawers or simply for ornaments around your home.

A dark toned wood goes really well with the vibrant green we’ve been talking about, and the two together give an unmistakably tropical feel! Just be sure to keep it polished and waxed so it maintains its rich color.

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3. Wicker Furniture – Tropical Home Decoration

Wicker furniture has that light, natural feel that’s essential to creating a home inspired by the tropical aesthetic. From wicker chairs with comfy, tan colored cushions to wicker baskets holding bunches of bananas, this tropical home decoration tip will bring your theme together.  

tropical furniture - home decor ideas

4. Bring in Some Life 

There’s no denying that having a home full of plants is a great way to bring the tropical theme into your house! You can even mix it with the wicker tropical home decoration idea and have wicker pots for your foliage.

Having a lot of leafy, green plants, such as a big banana plant for larger rooms, or indoor palms in varying sizes, is a sure way to bring the tropics into your home.

If wicker’s not your thing, you could opt for a bold ceramic pot in bright orange, red or yellow to really make a statement with your tropical home decoration. (Read:  5 Classy Jute Decorative Items for Interiors – Home Decoration)

tropical home decoration ideas - ezyshine

5. A Different Kind of Cabana

Outdoor cabanas are a staple of tropical beach life. They’re luxurious and certainly bring about feelings of relaxation, sunshine and plenty of margaritas.

Why not create something similar in your home? If you have (or can create) a window seat, just add a pair of thin curtains in a neutral color parted and tied with rustic rope or luxurious satin on either side. Then add some tropical home decoration cushions and a tropical plant on the floor. There you have it – an easy indoor cabana!

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 6. Natural Fabrics

Decorating your home in natural fabrics is a cheap, eco-friendly and effective way to enhance your tropical home decoration theme. Choose unbleached cotton and natural canvas materials for throws, bedding, curtains and any other fabric furnishing. You can also intersperse your natural toned fabrics with something dyed a brighter color, such as a vivid red or sea blue, which will pop against the muted tones.

coastal bedding ideas - home decoration

7. A White Canvas 

For a more modern tropical theme, stick to white as your base color and use accessories to add bright, bold splashes of color. For example, have a white sofa with bold, patterned cushions and a matching rug, along with white cabinets with leaf-printed door knobs and a green plant on top.

tropical printed living room - ezyshine

8. Brass and Gold

For another modern twist to tropical home decoration, integrate some gold and brass features. This could be in the form of flamingos for a quirky look, lamp stands or even something as simple as taps. The warm tones will work well with green plants and these metals are very much on-trend right now! They’ll also add a bespoke, luxury feels to your home, which definitely isn’t something to complain about.

tropical with gold home decoration ideas - ezyshine

9. Let in the Light

 No tropical themed home is complete without plenty of natural light, so make sure you’ve got big, open windows! You can enhance the look by adding thin, gauzy curtains for when it’s a little too hot and bright, which you can sweep across windows and French doors to block out the strong sun but still allow some light through.

coastal home with open windows - home decoration ideas ezyshine

10. Tropical Tapestries

Wall-hangings are a really easy way to cover up shabby walls without having to re-plaster and paint, and they can also liven up a room, bringing a tropical theme with them. Whether you get one covered in abstract patterns or little elephants, they’re beautiful and a great tropical home decoration.

You don’t even have to put nails in the wall to put them up anymore, just use wall hanging strips – they don’t leave marks and take seconds to put up.

Tropical Tapestries - ezyshine home decor ideas

11. The Little Things 

Often, it’s the little things that really bring together an interior. In this case, add hints of tropical life throughout your home with pineapples in your kitchen, coconut bowls to serve food and bamboo mats in your bathroom. All these touches of the tropics will really finish off the look – you won’t be able to imagine your tropical inspired home without them!

diy tropical prints - coastal home decor

With any theme, it pays to do your research. We love to make mood boards, so why not start one now? Begin with the ideas we’ve got here and collected images of tropical islands, items you associate with the theme and interiors that you love. In this way, you’ll be able to build up a really clear idea about the exact look you want, and it’ll be much easier to achieve it!

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