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Wall Decoration | Decorate the Walls with Classy Wall Stickers

February 19, 2014 4:49 pm Published by 1 Comment
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Grace your interior with the elegant and trendy wall stickers..!!! Wall stickers or decals are a great way to give any room that WOW factor, instantly.
Searching for ideas for wall decoration of the home,  but decorative paints  are not in the budget… No need to worry. Now you can splash the walls with the wall stickers. While some people consider having their walls painted to make their rooms look more lively, another option of wall decoration is to decorate them with wall stickers. Wall stickers for homes are meant for entrances, living rooms, kitchens, home offices, and adult bedrooms. These wall stickers are easy to use with reasonable rates. These classy wall stickers decorate the wall and won’t deteriorate the wall paint. Stylish wall decal artwork designed to improve any interior walls.
wall decoration ideas | bathroom wall stickers
Now elevate the aura of your walls with these striking wall stickers and wall accents. When it comes to your bedroom, be as splashy as you can! These wall stickers are easy to remove and washable. Wall stickers is the brilliant idea  for wall decoration of every room and these wall stickers look sensational. 
Wall stickers and wall quotes are a stylish modern way to decorate a room or carry out a room makeover, without the mess. Here are some new wall decoration ideas which are in latest trend. 

1. Angel on your wall

To decorate the walls of your bedroom or drawing room, the angel on the wall is pretty cool wall sticker. It gives the feel of freedom and happy life. Angel  are a symbol of Love, Protection and Courage.
Price: Rs.250- Rs400ideas to decorate the walls

2. Illusion of circles for wall decoration

This wall sticker gives modern feel to the living space. To decorate the walls of bedroom, drawing room, living room, illusion of circles, geometric patterns, modern art through geometric patterns is the best option. It can also be drawn through paint, but wall stickers is the easy and safe way to give cool and modern look to the interior.
Price: Rs.500- Rs1500illusion of circle wall stickers

3. Angel wings

If you are looking to place a big character on the living room wall, then angel wings wall sticker is the perfect to decorate to walls. It goes perfect on back wall of the bed. It is available in black, red, brown and white colors. Measurements also come in the same kit to apply the stickers perfectly.  
Price: Rs.800- Rs1000angel wings wall stickers

4. Sunsign (zodiac) wall stickers

Zodiac wall stickers are very popular among teenagers. Say who you are with the zodiac wall decals.  These type of wall stickers are easily available online. It gives a bold look to the wall. There are even artful, tribal, and fantasy vinyl stickers which incorporate the zodiac in their different designs that will match your personality even more
Price: Rs.500- Rs1000sunsign wall stickers

5. Trees with singing birds

Thinking of giving a natural feel to your interior, then go for these wall stickers. Singing birds, falling leaves, blooming flowers, growing stems of the trees, with enchanting colors makes environment light. Wall decoration with these beautiful stickers will bring the smile and refresh your mood every time you see them. 
Price: Ranging from Rs.650wall stikers to decorate the walls

6. Wall stickers for kids

Outline wall stickers are very much in demand for wall decoration of kids room as they shine in the dark. Some cartoon characters according to kids choice and natural wall stickers like butterflies, birds and angels are in latest trend. These are available in white, blue, black and red color.
Price: Rs.350- Rs500wall stikers for kids
So, decorate the walls with these classy wall stickers…!!!

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