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Wall Interior Design Ideas – Glass Art

September 1, 2013 10:23 am Published by 1 Comment
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Are you thinking of turning your  blank and boring walls into pieces of art..?? Want to give your home a new modern and eye catching look..?? 

In this article you will get some unique wall design ideas, so that you can redecorate your  living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, home offices, halls and many more areas..


Painting walls or graffiti on walls are  most commonly used wall interior design ideas.  But now you can decorate your home interior with glass plates also. Earlier, Plates which are only used for serving on  the dining table, are now used as a wall art. People are using these glass plates on walls to give them different look.

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Designers are suggesting people to decorate the walls with these glass plates as these can be decorated on all types of walls such as plain walls, textured and even rustic stone  walls. Hanging, collage, frame work are some of the mainly used concepts through these glass plates are giving unique look to the home interior.

blown glass wall art designs

Starting from the entry in home, in bedroom, bathrooms, drawing room, these  beautiful glass plates attracts everyone.

  • In collage concept , 4-7 plates of different designs are clubbed together and decorated on plain walls.
  • In hanging concept, these plates are arranged in a proper hanging sequence.
  • In Frame Work, these plates are clubbed together with rot iron and decorated on wall as single decorative piece.

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Perfect Arrangement

According to interior designers, these glass wall art enhance the colors and shine of the walls and interior. That’s why its very important to focus on its arrangement while decorating.

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You must arrange these glass plates on plane surface so that there should be a proper flow of colors and design. It wont look imbalanced. There must be proper effect of lights on these plates and no other decorative item should be placed near them.

Beautiful glass wall hangings

Landscape, flower, animal, birds, geometrical images and human figures makes these glass wall art attractive. Traditional and contemporary designs of these wall art makes it suitable for every interior designs. beautiful wall art <strong class='StrictlyAutoTagBold'>interior</strong> designs

You can also arrange the same design plates and club them together to give a look of painting. These days personalized plates are also in trend.

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wall glass art <strong class='StrictlyAutoTagBold'>interior</strong> designs

So, give these are some new wall interior design ideas to give a “feel” to your home… !!!

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