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How to wear Ties..?? An easy Guide

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A tie can be a tricky fashion accessory to pull off, but if worn the right way, it can make the powerful statement. You can wear it on work, if you want to get an edge over the employees or at formal parties to get a draper look. As more men wear ties to work again, it is important to understand the small but important differences between the textures of ties.neck tie
 This is essentially what drives the formality of a tie, and many men when returning to ties will want to keep this formality to a minimum, to compensate for the formality of the tie itself.
A TIE is the first thing people notice on a man, So get it right by following these simple rules… latest fashion trend men's neck tie


Different TEXTURES of TIE..

Seasonal Fabrics

Just like you have special clothes for summer and winter, you can choose your ties to match the season..!! For summer, it is best to opt for a good linen or cotton tie.  In winters you can wear ties of woolen, knitted, velvet and other warmer fabrics. Use richer jewel tones for autumn and winter and pastel and pale shades for summers.how to wear necktie



Ties are now available in many other fabrics other than silk, polyster, wool, cotton, linen and rayon. Silk ties are an instant way to give you a distinctive appearance. Ensure that you look sophisticated by only buying the most superior silk that won’t fray, tear or fade. you can also buy ties made from bamboos. The fabric looks and feels very similar to cotton.printed neck tie


Prints and Woven

Printed ties are popular as they are less expensive than woven ties. Experiment with different silk textures to add diversity to your tie collection. Basket weave neckties can add an element of interest to your business apparel. Or, try a ribbed solid color tie for a subtle twist on an attractive classic.In woven ties, the weaving adds an element of texture, weight. the texture also gives the tie’s design a 3D effect. A woven will usually have a texture to it and while being nicer in many ways also tends to snag and pull if snagged strongly enough. woven neck tie


Tips & Tricks to Wear TIES…

  • Don’t wear a tie too long or too short. The length should be anywhere just below the navel to where your belt begins..
  • Try mixing unexpected color combinations of silk ties and dress shirts for unique dressing options, as well as the traditional, basic look you rely on.
  • Keep away bold and big prints and checks, if you want a sharp look. Men with a dusky complexion should not wear very bright and neon colors, as it will take attention away from them completely.
  • Avoid a big knot or one too triangular. Also, the knot should be clean and tidy.
  • While removing your tie, instead of hastily yanking it from your neck, repeat all the steps you followed to tie your tie, but in reverse order.
  • Never iron your tie, instead give it a light steam with a garment steamer.
  • Brightly colored neckties can be worn year-round, making them a reliable choice for a confident, modern look.
  • For office – Pinstripes. Pin dots and intricate ones
  • For a Party –  You can glam it up by experimenting with different fabrics and textures. Eye catching print works well.

Be Trendy.. !!!

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