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What Does Your Home Interior Design Say About You?

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Believe it or not! Your home interior design says a lot about your personal style and nature, same as like the clothes your wear. The way you keep your home interiors makes you feel proud to live & show off to the world. After all, you have put in your thoughts and ideas to make your home a better place to live in.

‘Home is where the books are about interior design’

Home decoration - Wall stickers - What does your home say about you

Every aspiring women and home lover has their own liking and disliking. Some of you pay attention to kitchen while some people like me love to decorate the home with vibrant colors and others go for multiple DIY ideas. Many of us are crazy for gardening while others have strong faith in musical environment. Overall, your personality is the mirror image of the way you keep your home. (Read: 5 ways to decorate your home with neon color)

what does your home interior design say about you - home decoration

For instance, if you have a white color surrounding your walls, then it shows that you are a person who loves to be with simplicity. In the same way when we talk about cleanliness, if you keeps your home with lot of hotch potch or messy and dirty, then you must be a busy living being who might be quite relaxed about the life values. (Read: DIY home decorating ideas on a budget)

In fact, if I put one of the similar situations at my place, then I believe that when you keep your home very neat and clean, that means that you love taking control of the environment surrounding you.

decoarte your home - Contemporary home decoration

So, check out how your home interior designs reflect who you are. You can also simply exchange home decorating ideas here at Ezyshine and transform your home in a wonderland.

1. Fridge Full of Eatables: Believes in Healthy Living

Whether you are fond of cooking or not, if your fridge is full of eatables like fruits, vegetables, green vegetables, eggs, juices, etc…then for sure you are a person who loves to keep your family fit & healthy. It shows your health conscious mindset which is the ultimate need in today’s world. Moreover, it presents your hopeful nature towards your life. Your home interior design takes up a positive stand in your life with such small small things that should be noted. (Read: Importance & Judgement Technique for a good protein sources) 

healthy eating - fridge full of healthy food
Family healthy living - healthy eating - fruits & vegetables

2. Book Shelf: Love to Dream

You must have heard that many famous personalities are fond of book reading or keeping a book shelf so that they can read as and when they get time. They do so because they have a dream. Friends! Keeping a book shelf filled with some of your favorite selected books in it gives a positive glow to your home interior design.

May be for a short time but books take us away from the world of reality and it gives wings to our thought to fly high. The person who loves reading is believed to have a dream and he even believes on those dreams. If you also like to read books, then their story characters must be wandering in your mind. The process of thinking and perception starts playing in your mind. Overall, you never feel alone and you seem to be in love with yourself.

creative bookshelves to decor the home

adorable creative bookshelf for home, offce

3. Family Albums on Wall: Priority to Family

If you love to keep family photo collections on walls & corner tables of your home, it shows that you are completely dedicated to your family. Family photo frames not only grooms your home interior designs and looks, but it shows that your first preference is the happiness & satisfaction of your family. It shows that if such need arises, then you are ready for any kind of sacrifice. Apart from this, such photo frames also shows that you believe in strong and long term relations with your near and dear ones. Using paintings for home decoration also shows that you are nature lover. (Read: Decorate the walls with latest picture frame designs)

DIY photo frames on wall - home decoration ideas

wall photo frame design for bedroom

4. Dirty Bathroom: Short of Aspirations & Desires

Home interior designs add glow to your home but if you keep your places dirty like your bathroom, then it certainly affects your image. People who could not keep their bathrooms clean, or could not even keep their houses tidy, it is assumed that such people do not take things seriously in life. In fact, they lacks in desires and aspirations. Experts believe that such people are not even focused to achieve their goal in life and they do not work hard to move forward in life. Friends, you need to take inspiration from your own house by keeping it clean and tidy. This will also help you in being positive in life. (Read: 5 Easy Cleaning Tips for Your Home)


bright bathroom decoration - interor design ideas

5. Full Filled Kitchen: Love to keep Arranged

A person, who remains organized in his life, loves to take responsibilities and moreover, he/she feels happy while doing so. Talking about a kitchen that is filled up with all sorts of necessary cooking items and stuff, the above description applies to it also. For instance – If you are a lady who is mad about cooking, then you are liable to make delicious food and various yummy recipes for all the family members. In fact, experts believe that such women personalities give utmost respect to other’s point of view. Your nature of keeping things arranged just like your kitchen will make you stand separate from others and ultimately your home sweet home will be lucky to get such wonderful treatment. (Read: Yummy Recipes for food lovers)

colorful creative kitchen decorating ideas - home decor

kitchen decoration - colorful ideas to decor home

6. Room with Beautiful Cushions: Romantic & Energetic in Nature

Room having filled up with attractive home interior designs along with some colorful and beautiful cushions resembles your romantic nature. Likewise, if you love to keep your bedroom very decorative and full of fragrance, then it shows that you love to spend your spare time to make your surrounding a better place to live in. Surprisingly, your romantic nature keeps you happy, debonair and energetic in nature. The best part is that you will have good moments of love with your partner as you sincerely wish & prepare yourself to keep a happy private environment. (Read: 5 Classy Digital Printed Fabrics for Home Decoration)

home decoration with cushions
Adorable jute cushion - home fabrics

“Have nothing in your home that you don’t know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.” William Morris

So Keep Decorating & Keep Loving.. !!!

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